10 Advantages Of A Cold Shower

If you find a cold shower very uncomfortable, you can gradually reduce the temperature and finish with cold water.

10 benefits of a cold shower

Water is a source of life that plays an important role for our organism both externally and internally. When we drink water, our body receives the fluids it needs for various functions. This also makes our skin radiant and beautiful. And you can also support the health of your skin with a cold shower. Find out more below.

However, the benefits of water go much further. External contact with this vital element also has great advantages for our health. The daily shower is very important for both hygiene and health.

Most prefer a lukewarm or hot shower as it is more relaxing. However, a cold shower is much healthier. This applies to both the skin and various body functions. Below we list the various benefits of a cold shower.

Taking a cold shower strengthens the immune system

The cold shower immediately stimulates and consequently strengthens the immune system. In this way, the organism is better protected against viral and inflammatory diseases in particular.

Better, healthier skin with a cold shower

Cold water promotes more elastic, firmer skin

Cold water is excellent for the skin both externally and internally. Showering with cold water promotes firm, elastic skin. With hot water you do exactly the opposite. The result is sagging, dry skin and the premature formation of wrinkles is promoted.

Better blood circulation

Cold water is a very efficient therapy, especially for people with circulatory disorders  . With a cold shower you not only promote blood circulation,  but also contribute to the fact that more oxygen and nutrients are distributed throughout the organism.

Cold water is good for varicose veins

Soothe varicose veins with a cold shower

By improving blood circulation and vascular contracture, cold water helps prevent varicose veins. A cold shower also helps reduce this.

Relief of various organs

The internal organs are relieved by the vascular contracture  during the cold shower. The reason is that the elimination of toxins and impurities through the pores is promoted.

Good against stress

Cold water can help with stress

A cold shower can also help with stress and anxiety, but this is not always the case. Caution is advised here, as the opposite effect can also arise.

Awakens the body

Cold water stimulates the organism, activates it and puts it on alert. It is advisable to start the day with a cold bath, because this way you can shake off tiredness quickly. A cold bath or shower is also advisable after a mid-morning sporting activity.

A cold shower has a draining effect

Cold water improves the organism’s cleansing functions. The cold water temperature has a dehydrating effect. As a result, the accumulation of fat is inhibited.

Against depression


A study from the University of Virginia found that taking a shower with cold water stimulated the area of ​​the brain responsible for our happiness. As a result, a cold shower can also be recommended against depression.

Healthy hair by taking a cold shower

Cold water is far healthier for the hair than warm water. Hot water leads to dry hair that is less shiny and has an unhealthy aspect. Cold water is also an excellent help against dandruff and hair loss.

Recommendations for a cold shower

Those who are not used to taking a shower with cold water will not necessarily be enthusiastic about it at first. To reap its many benefits, we recommend willpower and frequent “training”. 

  • Start with lukewarm water first. Then gradually reduce the temperature so that the change is not so abrupt.
  • After a few days you can change the temperature from lukewarm to cold, because your body is slowly getting used to it.
  • In winter, it is recommended that you keep this good habit, even if it may take a little more to overcome. However, you shouldn’t be shivering from the cold. However, if this is the case, remember that it is better to use lukewarm water.

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