10 Tips Against Tiredness And For Natural Energy

Did you know that the cold can wake you up and increase your adrenaline level? Try a glass of water with ice cubes or take a cold shower!

10 tips against tiredness and for natural energy

Most resort to caffeinated or high-sugar drinks to combat fatigue and regain new energy.

But there are other ways you can do your daily chores with verve and be less tired, but without affecting your appetite or making it difficult to fall asleep.

Then you will find various simple tips that you can put into practice  if you want to recharge your batteries and fight against fatigue .

1. Move in between

If you are tied to your desk and have limited space,  you should regularly get up and move your extremities,  walk in place, or bend over and touch the tips of your toes.

In this way you can achieve  that new energy flows through your body.

Whenever you have the opportunity, take a short walk or run fast to get the blood pumped around your body faster.

It would of course be even better to exercise in the fresh air and soak up some sun, because this can combat tiredness and absorb new energy.

2. Fool your brain


If you don’t get a chance to exercise your body during the day, you can at least do brain jogging.

Do a crossword puzzle or solve a sudoku. You can also entertain your brain with new ideas.

It is important that this keep moving to  take away the clumsiness that occurs when you keep doing the same thing.

3. Use lemon for fatigue

It is well known that  the lemon scent has a revitalizing effect and stimulates the brain.

You can enjoy a lemon drop or have some lemon tea. If you feel like it, you can of course also eat a lemon wedge to wake up your brain!

The typical scent of citrus fruits  activates the brain and works against tiredness.

Try the method you prefer for yourself.

4. Cold for more energy


Avoid the classic cup of hot coffee in the afternoon and instead drink a glass of water with ice cubes. Cold water wakes you up and supplies your body with fluids, which leads to additional energy.

You can also wet your face with a bit of cold water or rub your wrists with an ice cube to activate the body faster.

Cold increases adrenaline production. This hormone has a stimulating effect and promotes alertness.

5. Peppermints

Like the lemon,  the aroma of the peppermint can counteract tiredness. It is therefore a good idea to always have a few peppermints ready at work, as this can be very helpful in an emergency.

Peppermint flavored chewing gum is also ideal. Another option is to add some mint to the cold water or wash your hands with peppermint soap.

6. Listen to lively music


Energetic music can cheer you up. Put on headphones and listen to your favorite music, sing along to it or dance to raise your energy level!

When you get up and move to the music, you can stimulate the blood circulation and relieve tiredness. Is your boss wondering about your behavior?

7. Breathe fire 

Of course, you can’t take this tip literally. We mean a breathing technique used in yoga. You can then fill up with a lot of adrenaline with it.

This technique supplies your brain with plenty of oxygen, which also perks you up.

Fire breathing as well as rapid breathing is easy to carry out. You are sure to find a video on the internet that can help you learn this technique and understand what it is all about.

8. Change your mind

It’s about deceiving yourself and feeling more energy than you actually have.

All you have to do is keep repeating to yourself  that you are awake and full of energy in  order to be able to tackle all outstanding tasks with ease.

You will be amazed, because this way you can almost automatically get going again, even when you are tired.

9. Meditate


Meditation is very effective against stress,  and it can also improve concentration. You will find that you can fight fatigue through regular meditation.

You may have tried it before, but still not managed to break the early afternoon low.

Then you may not have found the right technique that adapts to your needs yet.

10. Laugh

Laughter also has a strong therapeutic effect, as it releases endorphins. These hormones affect your well-being and then give you new energy.

So take some time to watch a fun video or have a laugh with someone to  fight off fatigue  and then get to work with renewed strength.

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