11 Possible Uses Of The Sachets With Silica Gel

Although silica gel itself is not poisonous, other substances are sometimes added to it that can have negative effects on health

11 Possible uses of the sachets with silica gel

You may not know the contents of these small bags under the name silica gel or silica gel, as it is called in English, but the product is almost ubiquitous.

The moisture-permeable paper bags filled with small balls can be found in shoe boxes or other packaging, for example.

We know their purpose, but still usually throw them straight into the trash. Sodium silicate, a water glass, forms the basis for the production of silicon dioxide, from which the granular, porous silica gel is made.

The porous structure guarantees that moisture can be effectively absorbed and the packaged product reaches its recipient dry and in good condition. It is better to be safe than sorry, it is often said, and one does not know how the goods are transported.

However, it is recommended to take the sachets out of the bags and boxes as soon as we receive them. The sachets are not very resistant, they can tear and the balls then spread everywhere.

A short excursion into the history of the silica gel

Silica gel has been known to scientists since 1640. Over time it was used for various purposes, but it wasn’t until 1919 that chemist Walter A. Patrick patented it.

In the horrific gas chambers used in World War I, silica gel was found to absorb vapors and gases. Amazingly, it was used during World War II to keep the antibiotic penicillin dry and usable and to save lives.

What applications does silica gel have today?

Silica gel absorbs moisture, so you can recycle and reuse it.

It is important to know that although it is not toxic itself, other substances such as cobalt chloride may be added to it, which can have negative effects on health.

If this is the case , there should be a warning on the paper bags in which the silica gel is packed .

The color of the silica gel balls gives us further clues as to this. Fresh, non-toxic globules are transparent and can absorb additional moisture. A blue color indicates the use of toxic substances, while pink-colored balls have already absorbed a lot of moisture.

What can we do with it now?

Drying flowers

Flowers drying

Imagine your houseplants have beautiful flowers or you have picked a pretty flower in the meadow and want to dry it.

Or maybe you got a flower and want to keep it for a long time. To do this, cover them with silica gel. Make sure it is completely covered, then wait 2 or 3 days, but never more than 5 days.

Prevent silver from tarnishing

As we all know and unfortunately have to find out again and again , silver tends to turn black due to the humidity in the air. If we put a bag in the jewelry box, we can prevent that.

Protect photos from yellowing

Prints of photos lose color, gloss and yellow over time. This can be avoided with a sachet of silica gel.

Avoid unpleasant odors from damp clothing

When we’ve been to the swimming pool, the beach, or exercising, we bring home damp clothes. Even when we unpack the rucksack at home, the unpleasant smell will stick to it for a while.

To prevent this, you can simply put a bag of silica gel in your backpack.

Protect metal objects

In a humid environment, metal oxidizes particularly quickly and, depending on the type of metal, a colored, unsightly oxide layer forms, which also affects the functionality of the instrument.

If you put a sachet of silica gel near the metal objects, this process will slow down considerably.

Store seeds

Plant seeds also absorb moisture from the air and then quickly become moldy. If you store them together with silica gel, this absorbs the moisture and the seeds stay dry and germinable longer.

Dry the cell phone

Who hasn’t already done this: the cell phone or other electrical device got wet.

You can dry it in rice, but then this dust sticks to the device, small rice particles that also get into connections and cracks. Silica gel can perform the same function as rice, absorbs moisture, but does not leave dust behind.

Other uses

  • To prevent the water from condensing in the car, you can put out silica gel bags in the interior.
  • Some types of cat litter are silicon-based for excellent absorption.
  • Even foods you can keep in a dry, durable state if we prevent them from absorbing moisture. For this purpose, you should only use silica gel that  does not have a toxicity warning. Even without this warning, you are  not allowed to eat silica gel.
  • You can protect camera lenses from scratches with silica gel .

For these reasons, we should not throw away silica gel, but instead keep it and reuse it. There are many possible uses and with the sachets full of silica gel, some everyday problems can be solved.

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