11 Tidy Home Tips That Really Work

Do you feel like your home is always cluttered and messy? Here are a few simple tips to help you keep things tidy.

11 tidy home tips that really work

Today we’re going to give you some tips for a tidy home, because for many, tidying up is a seemingly endless affair that you just can’t deal with. No matter how much you clean and tidy up, things will soon be back where they don’t belong and your home is just always messy.

There is no magic formula for a neat home . Everything depends on the individual personality of each one. Nonetheless, there are some crucial tricks that will help everyone, and that you too, can use to keep your home tidy and comfortable.

Before you start cleaning up

First of all, you should think about which areas in your apartment are most bothering you. After a careful analysis, you can think about a possible solution. Don’t try to clean up the whole house at once. Take enough time for each individual area and tackle them in sequence, even if it takes several days.

It is also important that all family members stick to the decisions to avoid making the same mistake again and allowing the house to sink into chaos. With these considerations in mind, you can use the following strategies for a tidy home.

1. Mucking out for a tidy home

Mucking out for a tidy home

You probably keep tons of things that you never use in some closet or in boxes because you think you might need them again at some point or because they are keepsakes. Books, decorative objects, documents, old clothes or clothes that simply no longer fit or CDs that you no longer need because you are listening to music on your mobile phone.

All the things that you no longer use and keep somewhere take up space that you can use elsewhere or leave completely free to have more space in your home.

If you keep something in a box or in the back of a closet for an extended period of time, it will definitely stay there forever, just taking up space. You only find it whenever you try to clean up and keep it for months or years. Better throw it away.

If you get something for free or buy something new, you should immediately part with something old. You can donate it, give it away or throw it away when it is no longer of any use. You shouldn’t keep it under any circumstances, just “in case the new thing shouldn’t be”.

2. If everything has its place, you have a tidy home

When everything has its place, you have a tidy home

Things that individual family members have with them are put down or put down in your home every day. From keys and purses to purchases, the post office or even the work bag. Find a suitable and permanent place for each item, even if it is used every day.

“If you have a lot of things that don’t have a fixed place, sooner or later they will pile up, making tidying up impossible,” says Jennifer Snyder, cleaning coach at Neat as a Pin .

For example, you can hang a hook for the house keys next to the door, or a shelf for the post office or a magazine holder for magazines. In no case should everything accumulate on a table or chair.

3. Storage according to use

If you want a tidy home, you should also organize your closets and drawers in a smart way. Things that you use every day should always be close at hand. Things that you only need very rarely can be kept in the area of ​​your closet that can only be reached with a chair.

If you keep the things you don’t use that often with those you need all the time, you will likely have to pull them out all the time to get to the things you use often.

4. Separate drawers and shelves for a tidy home

Drawer dividers

Instead of just throwing everything together in your drawers and shelves, use dividers. So you can use the space ideally and don’t have to stack everything on top of each other.

“Every drawer in your home needs a divider,” says Christopher Lower, author of The Seven Phases of Organization .

5. Do not use tables as a shelf

Messy table

One of the most common temptations is to just put everything on a table. Even if it’s only supposed to be temporary, there is always something on the table. Make a rule not to put anything on the table, even if it’s brief. If that doesn’t work, try to block it somehow.

Julie Isaac, house owner at Uncluttered Homes, recommends placing flowers or small decorative elements on the table or simply covering it with plates and cutlery so that it does not become a shelf.

6. Don’t buy boxes for storage until you’ve cleared everything out

Before you buy a box or furniture to store things, you should make sure that you have cleaned out thoroughly beforehand.

If you have more storage space than you really need, a lot of unnecessary things will soon build up again, so that in the long term your apartment will be chaos again.

7. Budget for a decent home


If you have a family that doesn’t help you with daily household chores, assign each family member a task. One has to clear the table, the other has to do the dishes and put away the dishes. One of them cleans the bathrooms, the other the kitchen. In addition, everyone has to tidy up their own room and make their bed every day.

Everyone must strictly adhere to this rule. If only one person steps out of line, the others have an excuse not to do their part.

8. Always put everything away straight away

Postponing things is a very bad habit. The problem with this is that there is no such thing as “later”. Make sure that your children put their toys away right after they play, don’t leave their plates on the table after eating, or wash the dishes right away while you cook.

These tasks, which you assign to each individual, must be completed immediately and not postponed until later.

9. Do not collect clothes hangers

Whenever you pick up clothes from the laundry or buy new clothes, you also get a new hanger. This way, more and more hangers will accumulate and your closet will become increasingly tight. Simply return the hangers to the laundry or find out if there is somewhere they can be recycled.

10. The garage and attic are not storage rooms

Messy garage

When there is a garage or an attic in the house, one often thinks that these spaces can be used to store unused items. It is precisely this thought that is to blame that we fill them to the top and turn them into complete chaos.

As we mentioned earlier, you should just throw away old stuff. The garage and attic are part of your home. Don’t turn them into uncomfortable storage rooms.

11. One day a year to clean up

Despite the best cleanup strategies , it is inevitable that some things just don’t stay in place. Even if you think that your home is finally as tidy as you always wanted it to be.

You should take a day to check and make sure there are no useless items, that the shelves and drawers are tidy, and that everything is in place.

Now is the time for you to start building a tidy home too. Take a critical look at your home and decide where to start. Get to work!

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