12 Tricks To Keep Your House Tidy

If you want to keep your house tidy, it is important to start with the most basic things – this includes making beds and dusting every day.

12 tricks for more order in the house

Keeping your house tidy is not always easy, because there are often too many objects in different rooms.

Utensils used every day, decorative elements, children’s toys and many other items make some rooms look messy.

No matter how often you clean the room, you keep coming across things that are not easy to tidy or organize.

Fortunately, there are many valuable tricks that  can help us organize everything perfectly. Then we have listed 12 of them for you that you can implement in your home. Read on to learn more about it.

1. Dusting for order

Wipe the dust

Dust collects quickly and everywhere and makes for an unsightly and unpleasant appearance. Regular dusting can therefore help keep the home clean and tidier.

You can also  prevent allergies  that can affect the respiratory system.

2. Do you know the rule of five?


Have you heard of this rule before? With this you can easily ensure order and more space in the various cupboards.

The point is to donate or dispose of at least 5 objects for a better cause each time you clean up, of course only those that you actually do not need.

3. Make the bed


Many do not need this tip because they automatically straighten the bed every day without being reminded to do so.

When the bed is made,  the room seems much  tidier and the rest of the things can be identified and tidied up more easily.

4. Keep the clothes


This work is repetitive and seems endless, but it is essential to keep the house tidy. This also allows you to create more space and everything looks much nicer.

After washing and drying the clothes,  they are folded and stowed in the appropriate cupboards.  That way the room is tidy and everything is much easier to find if you need it.

5. Stow the cables in the cabinet

Telephone or other cables are best attached to the inside of a cabinet door. You can simply attach a few hooks and hang the cables on them, in such a way that they don’t get tangled and can be found again quickly at any time.

6. Use boxes and baskets


The use of boxes and baskets is always in vogue because they can be used to create order quickly. Rectangular or square boxes  can easily be placed at any angle without being in the way.

Toys, old magazines and many other objects that cannot be stored anywhere else can be stowed in it.

7. Use a shoe folder


Who said these folders only need to be for shoes? They are also very useful for other objects. You can use it to store cleaning products or kitchen items, for example .

8. Shelf above the door


There is often not enough space in the bathroom and other small areas of the house to organize the various items.

A simple option is to put a shelf above the door. Since this is a free space, it looks nice and is very helpful.

9. Arrange your t-shirts differently

If the T-shirts are stacked in drawers, it is not very clear and if you are looking for a specific T-shirt, everything usually gets mixed up.

So that this doesn’t happen again, you can simply classify the t-shirts as shown in the picture of this article.

10. Use old tea caddies

Tea caddies

Tea caddies or other food containers can be used  very easily to organize all kinds of things,  such as pens or other small objects.

11. Reuse the shutter


Instead of simply disposing of the old wooden shutters, you can convert them into a vintage newspaper rack, for example, which looks great in your living room or office.

12. Don’t throw away egg cartons

Egg cartons

A small egg carton can also be very useful for organizing various desk items around your home or office.

You can use these simple tricks to create more space and order. You just have to invest a little time so that everything is neatly housed in the right place. This is how you can create a pleasant atmosphere.

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