16 Ideas For Decorating With Balloons

Balloons are great party decorations that young and old can enjoy. Here you will find various tips on how to use the colorful balloons. 

16 ideas for decorating with balloons

Balloons  come in all shapes, colors and sizes because they are perfect for any party decoration. They bring joy and color into your home and please young and old. With a little creativity you can set great highlights for a birthday party or other celebrations.

Balloons  are inexpensive, have perfect space everywhere, are fun and very decorative. There are a wide variety of models and, with a little imagination, you can also create your own personal decoration to match the occasion.

Then you will find 16 ideas for decorating with balloons! 

Ideas for decorating with balloons

1. Balloons on the ceiling

Balloons on the ceiling

These colorful balloons on the ceiling are simple and very decorative. All you need is balloons and helium to fill them. In addition, you can use colorful ribbons or paper rolls  to decorate the balloons. 

Another fun idea is to put confetti in the balloons. When a balloon bursts, it rains colored paper, which creates a great atmosphere!

2. Donuts

colorful balloons like donuts

Donuts are not only popular with children. They made their way into the world of fashion too! For example, there are bags or T-shirts with donuts that look playful and fashionable. Donuts are also fashionable with adults!

How about balloons that look like donuts? You are sure to have success with young and old! They are available in a wide variety of colors and sizes. You can just fill a couple of balloons with helium, tie them together, and use them to decorate a corner.

3. Balloons with photos

Balloons with photos

You can tie photos to the balloons with a string and remind your guests of different moments of the birthday child. This looks great with colored or same-colored balloons and is very entertaining!

4. Balloons with shine

Balloons with shine

You can spice up the balloons with a little shine, it’s very easy and it creates great effects. Simply stick the glitter on and you have an elegant and glamorous party decoration. 

5. Splashes of paint

Colorful balloons

Solid color balloons with splashes of color are also very creative and fun. You can match the colors to the rest of the decoration.

Depending on which colors you use, you can achieve different effects. Ocher, bronze or gold colors look noble, rainbow colors bring joy into your house!

6. In the garden

Balloons in the garden

Balloons are also a great decoration in the garden. You can attach it to the ground with wire, for example. A great idea for a celebration in the fresh air! 

7. Balloons with dots

Balloons with dots

Balloons with different patterns, for example with dots like in this photo, are perfect for a celebration. Stars, stripes or other patterns are also excellent,  especially for a children’s birthday party. 

8. Lollipops


Another great idea for your garden decoration:  balloons that look like lollipops. All you have to do is tie the balloons to a painted pole and wrap them in cellophane. Great for every children’s party. You can also make candies or other sweets from balloons for decoration!

9. Balloons on the wall

Balloons on the wall

This decoration is also not overlooked: Colorful balloons on the wall in different sizes and with different patterns! A great highlight for your party!

10. Candy bar  with balloons

Candy bar with balloons

Fill the balloons with helium and tie them to a glass jar with colorful candy. You can also fill colorful paper cups and tie gas-filled balloons to them. Original and very decorative! 

11. Transparent balloons

Transparent balloons

These transparent balloons, which have been filled with confetti, look noble. When a balloon bursts, the room fills with color. You can also write short messages on strips of paper and fill them in the balloons. Children will be very happy about small toys or sweets in the balloons.

12. Figures and writings

Birthday with balloons

Words or numbers with balloons are also very popular. There is a huge selection for every occasion: letters, numbers, hearts, stars …

13. Balloons and fabric for decoration

Balloons and fabric for decoration 

With these decorative elements you can create a great atmosphere. Your guests will admire the decoration and feel comfortable. Simply hang a few colorful strips of fabric on the ceiling  and then hang colorful balloons in the middle. In addition, you can use paper diapers.

14. Rainbow

Rainbow from balloons

This great rainbow with white clouds brings color and joy to the party. Very original, not only at children’s parties!

15. Pillar of balloons

Pillar from balloons

You can also make a column from colored balloons. Your guests will like this highlight, it is a great eye-catcher in strategic locations!

16. Balloons for children’s parties

Balloons for children's parties

Decorate your home for a children’s party with balloons in the shape of cartoon characters. Mickey Mouse is a classic that is always very popular with young and old. But there are also many other options. Choose characters from your child’s favorite cartoon series! 

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