5 Behaviors That Predict Relationship Failure

You can’t expect your life partner to change if you’ve never told them that their behavior bothers you. If you don’t, your relationship is doomed. 

5 behaviors that predict relationship failure

When a relationship fails, the question arises as to why it had to come to this and what  behaviors  are responsible for it. Today we invite you to learn more about  behaviors  that can be used to predict the future failure of a relationship.

A relationship doesn’t break up overnight for no reason. The behavior of the partner is fundamental and can unconsciously contribute to the fact that after a while there is no other way out, as the relationship is painful.

Then learn which behaviors can negatively affect a relationship.

1. Unfounded criticism of the partner and wrong behavior

Behaviors between men and women

A first indication of the future failure of the relationship is constant criticism of the partner: you don’t like how he dresses, how he drives, how he speaks, you are embarrassed about his jokes …

Your criticism in this case is intended to change the other person. However, this is not possible because it is an attempt to manipulate the partner and turn them into another person.

In a healthy couple relationship, you have to accept your partner for who they are. If there are things that you don’t like, there are only two options: accepting them or ending the relationship.

However, you cannot constantly criticize your partner’s personality and expect them to change as a result.

2. Your partner is humiliating you

Does your partner humiliate you and make you look ridiculous? If you do this and feel bad, but you don’t tell them, the situation cannot be resolved because your partner may not even be aware of it.

Certain behaviors from your partner can be very painful, but you may not say or do anything because you love them anyway. Perhaps you are emotionally dependent and therefore unable to say that you do not tolerate certain things.

Respect is fundamental in a relationship. If this is not there, wrong behaviors lead to breakdown of the relationship over time.

3. The other person is always to blame for everything

wrong behaviors in a relationship

One of the behaviors that heralds relationship failure is the habit of always blaming the other person and never taking responsibility oneself.

For example, if a woman always accuses her partner of putting her feet on the table, but never tells him that it bothers her and tolerates it for years, she cannot expect anything to change because the partner does not know at all that he is molesting his wife with his behavior.

Who is to blame The solution is very simple: Tell your partner what is bothering you, because this way he can change certain habits, he may not even be aware of it.

Even if the behavior is incorrect, the partner often cannot know if he is not informed. Learn from this situation to better resolve it in the future.

4. Silence and indifference

Silence and indifference are destructive in a relationship. These behaviors are used to manipulate the partner.

We mentioned in the previous section that you cannot always blame your partner without telling them what exactly they are doing wrong or what is bothering them. As a result, the protest action very often  leads to silence and indifference in order to “punish” the partner. 

This means submitting the other and showing him that you have no respect for him.

If your partner tries to punish you with silence or indifference just for telling them what you think, the time has come to end the relationship.

5. The partner obliges you and demands certain things

Arguments and wrong behaviors in a relationship

Again, this has a lot to do with accepting the personality of the other we spoke of at the beginning.

Forcing someone to do something and asking them to do certain things means that the relationship is doomed.

You cannot force anything from your partner,  he is a free person that you have to respect. You can’t just manipulate him as you like.

If this is the case, a happy relationship cannot develop. Manipulative behavior is destructive to the relationship and usually leads to great suffering. 

Are you familiar with some (or all) of the above behaviors that indicate future relationship failure? If you recognize certain roles and patterns early on,  you can try to improve the situation before the relationship comes to a painful end. 

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