6 Advantages Of Becoming A Mother At 35

Women who only become a mother at 35 – you often hear things like “O-Mamas” or “Tired Mom”. But did you know that they have numerous advantages over younger mothers? Find out which ones are here!

6 advantages of becoming a mother at 35

Being a mother at 35 is not easy. In the course of time, late mothers have been socially stigmatized and it is said that they have “less energy”, that they are “grandmother-mothers” or “tired mothers”.

Not so long ago it was even considered a risk to become a mother after the age of 30. The mother’s advanced age was considered negative for the baby’s health at the time of birth, but not in later stages of development.

Becoming a mother at 35: a growing trend

Late pregnancies are a demographic phenomenon that is increasing, especially in industrialized countries. This trend is due to various factors, such as: B. the improved effectiveness of contraceptives, gender equality and the higher level of education of women.

Becoming a mother at 35 also has to do with economic aspects. At this age, women usually have a steady job and thus economic security, among other reasons.

The Federal Statistical Office published data from 2016, which shows that the  average age of pregnant women in Germany  is 31 years.

So are there any advantages to becoming a mother at 35?

What does the latest research say?

At 35 mom - what does the latest research say?

Some studies still see the ideal age to have children as between 20 and 35. However, less than a year ago, the International Journal of Epidemiology published the results of research on women over 35 and their children.

The results were surprising. It found that children born to mothers between the ages of 35 and 39 did very well on tests measuring verbal cognitive competence. Not only that, they even got better results than the children of younger mothers.

But why were the research results different in the previous decades? The differences can be explained by a few factors, such as:

  • The children examined previously were the last born in the family. As a result, as the youngest, they received less attention and care.
  • Economic circumstances. Families with multiple children typically had fewer incomes and fewer opportunities. As a result, their diet was also poor and they lacked comprehensive health care. These factors in turn had negative consequences for the development of the children.

    So if you’re around 35 and considering becoming a mom, we recommend reading the reasons why you should. This will make you feel more confident and well informed to make a good decision.

    What are the advantages of becoming a mother at 35?

    1. Maturing into motherhood

    Of course, this does not mean that younger mothers are not up to the task. Still, a woman at 35 is much more aware of the risks of pregnancy. She pays more attention to herself and her health. Above all, she approaches the possible changes in her life with more foresight and caution.

    2. Greater economic stability

    at 35 mother - greater economic stability

    Usually, when you are 35 you have completed academic and professional training, which brings economic stability. As a result, parents can devote more time and attention to their children.

    3. More experience

    You can never have enough experience with motherhood. Qualities such as understanding, empathy, patience, etc. make it possible to meet the challenges of motherhood in a positive way.

    In addition, the experience that one has gained in various areas in the course of one’s life helps to be a good role model for the children.

    4. Emotional stability

    at 35 mother - emotional stability

    As you get older, you know yourself better, something that is even more difficult at a young age. You learn to make decisions and admit your own mistakes, you are more psychologically resilient and can build more stable relationships.

    These basics are an enrichment for the upbringing and the relationship with the children. Above all, they contribute to greater emotional stability. This in turn enables the child to grow up in a psychologically uncomplicated, safe atmosphere and with a strong leader.

    5. Increased life expectancy

    Various studies show that women who become mothers after the age of 33 have a longer life expectancy than those women who have their last child at 29. This means that later mothers are more likely to be able to enjoy more time with their children, even if the opposite is commonly claimed.

    6. Healthier lifestyle

    at 35 mom - healthier lifestyle

    By the time you’re over 30 you’ve certainly learned to better assess the needs of your own body. In other words, in all likelihood you are paying more attention to your health. This also applies to a healthy diet and sufficient exercise.

    So it is not necessary that you change your habits too much if you decide to have a child. You already have a balanced and healthy lifestyle!


    In summary, it can be said that the mother’s quality of life and the number of her children have a direct influence on the development of her children.
    What do you think? Clearly, becoming a mother at 35 has numerous advantages. However, one must of course not forget that pregnancy at an advanced age also involves risks. For this reason , we recommend that you talk to a specialist about the topic, because they can provide you with personal information.

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