6 Exercises That Are Good For Your Lower Back

Good muscles are the best way to prevent back pain

6 exercises that are good for your lower back

Back pain usually results from excessive strain or poor posture. Those who strengthen their muscles can prevent this well. We have 6 exercises for you that can do your back good and prevent (and relieve!) Back pain.

Back exercises

You can do our back exercises comfortably at home in front of the sofa on the carpet. If you like, play relaxing music or watch the news on TV. The exercises are simple and serve to stretch and strengthen your muscles.

It is important that you do these exercises not in bed on the soft mattress, but actually on the carpet or an exercise mat. Alternatively, a simple insulation mat or yoga mat is also possible. The main thing is to be a little padded, but not so soft that you sink in!

Holding exercise

Lie on your back on the carpet or mat and straighten your legs. Now bend one leg so that the knee forms a 90 ° angle. Make sure that you do not go into the hollow back, but that your lumbar vertebrae rest firmly on the floor. Now lift the other leg while keeping the knee straight. Hold this position for 10 seconds and continue to breathe calmly.

Repeat with the other leg, each side 10 times. Very important: Never form a hollow back during this exercise! This exercise strengthens the lumbar muscles.


Following the holding exercise described above, stretch your lumbar muscles. To do this, just lie on your back and put both feet up loosely. Now bring one knee to your chest, but keep the other leg bent. Let the weight of your own leg take effect and feel how your muscles stretch. Breathe in your lower back and switch legs so that each side stretches five times.



Continue to lie on your back (comfortably, right?) And straighten both legs. Now bend one leg and place it over the other leg. Stretch as far as possible on the other side. Important: both shoulders stay on the ground, you should stretch your back and not twist it! Remain in this position for 20 seconds per side. Switch sides and repeat a total of 5 times per side.

Gymnastics buttocks

Up your butt

Stay on your back and stand your feet up so your knees are at a 90 degree angle again. Your arms are shoulder width apart from your body. Now lift your bottom towards the ceiling but make sure that both of your shoulders are still flat on the floor. Raise and lower slowly and deliberately 10 times.

Make yourself long

To stretch your back again after the last exercise, lower your bottom, straighten your legs, and lie flat on your back. Now bring one arm straight over your head and pull yourself diagonally in length, as if someone were pulling your arm and the opposite leg. Pull yourself long and stretch your muscles. 5 times on each side. Then modify the exercise by extending your legs and arms on one side and stretching in a straight line, not a diagonal.

Gymnastics back

Ventral row

Now turn on your stomach and lie down on a mat with your arms and legs outstretched. Now lift your head, right arm and left leg at the same time. Make sure to keep your back straight during the exercise and not arch your back. Hold the position for 10 seconds, then switch to the other side. 10 repetitions per side.

This exercise strengthens the lumbar muscles enormously, and you may even get sore muscles! Please do not confuse sore muscles with back pain. The more you do this exercise, the less sore muscles you will have!

Ideally, repeat these six exercises daily, but at least twice a week. You may well have sore muscles, especially at the beginning. Do not let this deter you from continuing with the exercises – they can only help against back pain if you use them regularly and thereby strengthen the muscles. Strengthened muscles must also be maintained, so incorporate these exercises into your routine if you have frequent back problems.

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