6 Plants For The Bedroom

Did you know that valerian can not only be used as a tea or extract for relaxation and a good night’s sleep? How about a beautiful ornamental plant!

6 plants for the bedroom

Are you having trouble falling asleep? Do you often wake up at night? Should you experience these problems, it is time to take precautions to end your insomnia. There are  plants for your bedroom that may help.

Insomnia makes everyday life difficult and then impairs performance. In addition, over time there can be a lack of energy, mood swings, difficulty concentrating and other negative consequences that worsen your quality of life.

There are a few simple things you can do to get your sleep easier. Various plants in the bedroom that have calming properties are very effective and completely natural  .

Not only are these beautiful and enliven the bedroom, they also release stress and then purify the air at the same time. In today’s article we are therefore introducing you to 6 plants that will promote your sleep. 

1. Plants for the bedroom: jasmine


Jasmine is an exotic plant that has relaxing effects on the body and mind. Anxiety is controlled, which has a positive effect on our sleep.

Place the plant on the bedside table or on a dresser to relax and get a good night’s sleep.

2. Lavender

The wonderful aroma of lavender has a relaxing effect and is therefore very popular. Lavender is also used in various therapies for anxiety and insomnia.

The floral aroma slows the heart rhythm and then inhibits the production of cortisol, known as the stress hormone.

Even if many prefer the use of oils and flavored products, we recommend using the plant as an ornamental plant in a nice pot.

3. Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera is considered one of the best plants for air purification, as it releases oxygen at night, which facilitates a deep and restful sleep.

The aloe vera is very simple and does not require any special care.

In Egypt it was called the plant of immortality because it enables numerous therapeutic and cosmetic applications.

You can place it in your bedroom, but don’t forget that it needs enough light.

4. Gardenias

Gardenias are an evergreen plant with glossy leaves and pleasantly smelling flowers that have calming properties.

This plant does not cause any problems inside the house. On the contrary, it promotes relaxation and a peaceful sleep.

Studies have shown that the genus Gardenia jasminoides has the same effects as Valium: This plant can  relieve anxiety and stress and promote sleep.

However, this planting then needs a little more care.

5. Valerian


Valerian is a beautiful evergreen plant with pink or white flowers that release a delicate aroma.

This plant has been used to make fragrances since the 16th century. The root was later used for the preparation of teas and extracts against insomnia.

The soothing properties were discovered by the Roman doctor and philosopher Galeno, who was also the first to prescribe them for the treatment of various ailments.

Valerian was later confirmed to be effective, the aroma of this herb helps against insomnia.

Note that this plant needs at least 6 hours of sun a day. Find a suitable place.

6. bamboo

A small bamboo plant is perfect for purifying the air and creating a pleasant atmosphere.

During the day it refreshes the ambience, at night it has a calming effect.

Bamboo is an exotic plant and is often used as a decorative element, so why not in the bedroom.

This plant is easy to care for, it just needs moist soil and a sunny spot.

Before choosing one of these plants, make sure that none of the family is allergic.

Clean the leaves every week and water the plant regularly to keep it from drying out.

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