6 Tips For More Order In The Kitchen

First we have to differentiate between what we use every day and what we only need now and then. Then we find space for these things so that they don’t take up too much space.

6 tips for more order in the kitchen

The kitchen is one of the places we use the most every day. When we prepare food, we leave rubbish and leftovers behind, so it is important that we organize the space well to create more order in the kitchen.

Many dream of keeping their kitchen in tip-top condition so that objects lying around do not limit its functionality.

But that takes a bit of effort and coupled with our hectic everyday life, we simply cannot tackle the problem and bring more order to the kitchen .

That’s why we would like to give you a few tips in our post on how you can better organize your kitchen. They are simple and easy to do.

If you follow one every day, you will see great improvements in keeping the kitchen tidy in a week.

Six tips for more order in the kitchen

1. Say goodbye to all that is useless

Clean kitchen

Have you ever thought about how many cups, mugs, vessels and other things that you never use there are in your kitchen ? Now is the time to say goodbye to them so that they can make room for more useful things.

If you are one of those people who find it difficult to let go, then we have two questions that you should ask yourself before making a decision:

  • When was the last time I used this item?
  • When and what will I use it next time?

    2. Use the vertical space

    Both the walls and the inside of cabinet doors can be used to attach shelves or holders for items that would otherwise never find a permanent place. A very clear example of this are lids for pots and pans. You can buy holders for them.

    • The same goes for soup ladles, hand mixers and other things. Thanks to these brackets, all the objects we use in the kitchen can find their place.

    3. Options for storage space

    You have to be aware from the start that you need enough storage space to keep the kitchen tidy. Think about which of the following ideas might work in your kitchen:

    • Open: an open piece of furniture in which you can keep spices or other food in sight is very practical, especially if you have nice glass containers.
    • Foldable: You only have to open the cabinet door and open the inner compartment to see all your utensils or ingredients and to choose the right one. This is undoubtedly a fantastic solution.
    • Rotatable: Rotatable shelves are also very useful for creating more order in the kitchen. In this way, we can use the reduced space very effectively.
    • Mobile: Don’t forget how useful multipurpose trolleys are. There we can store utensils that we use every day. After their use, the car will find its place in a corner.

    4. Cutlery organizer

    It creates a lot of visual unrest when we open the drawer and all the cutlery in it is wildly mixed up. To put an end to this problem, you can buy a cutlery box that has its place for everything.

    It’s just a small detail, but it creates a lot of harmony.

    5. What to do with the small electrical appliances?

    Storage space for utensils

    There are different solutions for this, depending on your personal taste. There are, for example, pretty coffee machines that are also a kind of decoration for the kitchen, especially if they go with the fridge or stove.

    On the other hand, however, we should stow those that do not fulfill this function. That’s not to say they need to go back to their packaging and be stored elsewhere in the house. We just need a little storage space in the closet for them. 

    So they are always ready to hand, but do not take up valuable space on the work surface.

    6. Compartments for everything

    The more storage space you have in the kitchen, the better. That means you’ll need cabinets and drawers for the following items:

    • dishes
    • Trash can
    • Containers and vessels
    • Vegetable and spice compartment
    • Small utensils

    If the cupboards are not enough for you, you can also reuse boxes to create more space and order in the kitchen. Old wooden boxes that you clean and paint can do very well.

    On the other hand, you can also easily build your own shelves. With these tips you will be able to bring order to the kitchen within a few days. It doesn’t take a lot of money or complex changes. 

    Give your creativity wings and make yourself more comfortable and tidy in your kitchen!

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