8 Strategies To Burn Fat

It sounds trite, but it’s crystal clear: the more you move, the higher your calorie consumption.

8 strategies to burn fat

Eating and keeping fat is not difficult – but burning it off requires healthy diet know-how, diet discipline, and motivation.

In this way you can “build” the change in diet into your life in the long term. Here are a few tricks and tips that we would like to explain and show you.


Exercise Against Fat!

It sounds trite, but it’s crystal clear: the more you move, the higher your calorie consumption.

Therefore, try to integrate more movement into your everyday life. It doesn’t have to be a marathon training that you start with today, but “small cattle also mess up” and any way you move around adds up at the end of the day.

The tips are simple: when shopping, find the parking space furthest from the entrance. Get off one stop early on the way to and from work. When the weather is good, use your bike whenever possible. Forbid you elevators.

Take out the garbage “single-handedly” – not if you have to get out of the house anyway. Take detours to eat during your lunch break. Take a walk or up and down while you are on the phone. More ideas will surely come to your mind if you just start them once!

Run faster

When you run, run faster. New German would be said to be “walking”, but just increase your walking pace on your way to the bus stop (but one!) On the way to the bakery, on the way home. This gets the circulation going and fat burning gets going!


Change your dinner

If you want to burn fat , you should make sure that the last meal of the day is “low carb”, meaning that it contains a lot of protein and practically no carbohydrates.

This may sound complicated at first, but if you take a close look at the ingredients of the foods you eat every time, you will quickly come to terms with it.

For example, a delicious herb quark with cucumber sticks, a piece of meat with lettuce, grilled fish with oven vegetables or perhaps a vegetable soup?

more water

Drink more and properly

The feeling of satiety occurs when a receptor on the stomach registers a certain state of filling and stretching. It does not matter whether there is only soup in the stomach or French fries. So if you drink with your meals, your stomach reports “full” to the brain more quickly.

By the way, from now on drinks are always calorie-free for you, everything else is food. You should always cover your fluid requirements with drinks that are absolutely low in calories.

Eat slower

Your body literally has a “long line” from your stomach to your brain. So give the feeling of satiety time to reach the brain as well. So chew carefully, because every bite that ends up in your stomach, well chopped and copiously saliva, is digested better.

Make your own rules, for example “chew every bite 10 times” or “take a short drink break after every bite” or something similar. If you eat too fast, you are eating past your feeling of fullness. If you give your body time to report “full”, you will automatically eat less.

No snacks between meals

Fat can only be burned if your blood sugar levels are not high. Namely, when no insulin has been released. As soon as you eat something high in calories , the blood sugar level rises, insulin is released and the burning of fat is interrupted.

If you stay away from calories for four to six hours between meals, your body can burn fat too. Every tiny, no matter how healthy snack (or the dairy cafe) interrupts the burning of fat because insulin is released.


Don’t go to sleep with a full stomach

There should be at least four hours between the last meal (the last calories) and bedtime . This way, your body still has time to burn some of the calories it has consumed through everyday activities before going to sleep.

If you lie in bed with a full stomach, there is hardly any fat burning. Because every movement burns additional calories and thus fat!


Get enough sleep

Lack of sleep creates appetite and hunger. Those who are well rested tend to eat less snacks and sweets. The sleep hormone melatonin also helps burn fat. The body can only form this in absolute darkness.

So make sure that your bedroom is really dark and not just “darkened”. If you get up at night, try not to turn on any lights, it will destroy the sleep hormone immediately.

Put your smartphone with the glass down next to the bed so that no light from the display can disturb your night’s sleep.

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