8 Substances That Are Harmful To Your Facial Care

Even though it is often recommended to use toothpaste to dry out unsightly pimples and these can be effective, you should refrain from doing so, as it reduces the pH value Skin changes and the toothpaste could leave permanent marks.

8 substances that are harmful to your facial care

Again and again you hear about various, very effective tricks for facial care that are supposed to have no side effects. But they are not always good for the skin.

On the contrary, many of these tricks are harmful and should not be used under any circumstances. We have therefore put together a list of 8 products that you should avoid in your  facial  care. 

The following products are not suitable for facial care

1. Hair lacquer

Some recommend hair lacquer to set makeup and make it last longer. But this is a big mistake!

Hair lacquer  contains alcohol, which has a negative effect on natural skin oils,  leads to dryness and can accelerate skin aging.

Hair lacquer also contains other substances that can cause itching, redness and irritation on the fine skin of the face.

2. Vegetable butter


Plant butter is also often recommended to moisturize the skin and counteract skin aging.

But on the skin of the face, plant-based butter can clog the pores  and lead to pimples and blackheads. Therefore this product is not suitable for facial care either.

3. Alcohol

Alcohol can be found in every medicine cabinet because it has a disinfectant effect. But it can lead to irritation, dryness and unpleasant changes on the skin  .

You should therefore make sure that your facial care products do not contain large amounts of alcohol.

4. Antiperspirants


Antiperspirants work in the armpits to prevent excessive sweating, but that doesn’t mean they can be applied anywhere.

It is often recommended to use this product over makeup to make it more durable. Great caution is required here!

Antiperspirants clog pores and prevent cells from receiving oxygen and excreting harmful substances.

5. Nail polish

Some make-up tips for Mardi Gras recommend using nail polish for certain effects. But Nagellak contains acrylic, formaldehyde and other substances that are harmful to the skin and cause dryness. 

In addition, nail polish is difficult to remove. Only use cosmetic products specially developed for your face, even in carnival!

6. Vinegar

White vinegar is often recommended as a natural facial toner because it has pH-regulating properties and tones the skin.

However, you should never use vinegar pure, as  the acid it contains could damage the skin. To get the benefits of vinegar, 1 part vinegar is mixed with 3 parts water.

7. Mayonnaise

mayonnaise for facial care

Mayonnaise contains valuable ingredients and can therefore be used perfectly as a hair mask to care for the hair and make it shine.

However, mayonnaise is not recommended for the skin, as  it also contains acids that clog the pores and make it difficult for the skin to breathe. 

What are the consequences? This can lead to unsightly blackheads and pimples.

8. Toothpaste

Toothpaste is very often recommended to remove black spots and pimples.

While this trick can be effective, it allows the pimples to dry out and clear up faster.

The problem with this, however, is that the chemicals in the toothpaste also dry out the skin  and change the pH level, which can leave permanent unsightly marks. 

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