8 Tips Against Constipation In Women

In addition to a diet rich in fiber and sufficient water, you should also exercise regularly to stimulate bowel movements.

8 pieces of advice against constipation in women

Constipation, who of us can say we have never suffered from it? Digestive problems are among the most common illnesses. Some home remedies can help with constipation in women.

More than 20% of people suffer from digestive problems, especially women. This leads to abdominal pain and gas. Then you will find 8 different ways to deal with constipation .

According to statistics, it is mainly women who suffer from constipation. Therefore, today we would like to explain this phenomenon to you and give you some advice on how to put an end to this problem.

Why is constipation so common in women?

The influence of hormones

Once again, the hormones are to blame. The hormonal fluctuations caused by the menstrual cycle cause the bowel to move less, making it much slower at the time of defecation.

The influence of certain diets

Highly restrictive diets without fiber, as well as other important nutrients,  have an impact on gut health. Pay attention to your diet and promote the health of your intestines!

Tips against constipation

1. A complete breakfast


It is important to follow different routines every day. Breakfast is undoubtedly essential, especially in order to provide the body with sufficient fiber.

Eat whole grain cereals, oat bran, freshly squeezed orange juice, plant-based milk, sunflower seeds, etc. Fruits such as plums and certain types of tea (e.g. chamomile tea or peppermint tea) are also highly recommended if you are constipated.

2. Light meals in the evening


Sometimes we make the mistake of eating a large dinner late at night. It may well be that work or other commitments leave us no choice, or we just come home late and hungry.

However, it is a mistake to eat late at night as it  slows digestion and promotes constipation. We recommend a relatively early and light dinner, preferably at least 2 hours before going to bed.

3. Choose the right vegetables

Eggplant-to-lose weight

It is common knowledge that vegetables and legumes are excellent for regulating constipation. Note that broccoli, cauliflower, and artichokes sometimes cause gas and are therefore not always recommended.

Even salads in the evening are not always the best, as green lettuce and leafy vegetables can also cause gas. But everyone reacts differently. You should try out for yourself and assess what is good for you. By the way, eggplants are always highly recommended.

4. Fruits with peel

The-peel-of-the-apple-helps-with-lose weight

If possible, always eat the fruit with the skin on (preferably organic). If you feel hungry, you can eat an unpeeled apple before you eat.

If you are making orange juice for breakfast, you should also use the pulp for it, as it has a very positive effect on bowel movements. Pears, kiwi fruit, strawberries, grapes, and plums are also very helpful against constipation.

5. Be careful with diets

Drinking water

Before starting a diet, make sure that it is varied and contains all the basic nutrients, especially  minerals, vitamins, proteins and fiber.

Dietary fiber is essential, as is getting enough fluids. Never neglect to drink, at least 2 liters of water a day and also natural fruit juices, without going overboard.

6. Use olive oil


Use small amounts of olive oil to prepare meals. Olive oil promotes bowel movement and thus prevents constipation. So please don’t be afraid to include olive oil (always in modest amounts) in your diet.

7. Be careful with prohibited foods


To avoid constipation, you should avoid all hard-to-digest and harmful foods: refined flour, fried foods, spicy foods, industrial products, sweet foods sweets … 

All of these products provide sugar and fat to the body, which causes the stool to harden and make it harder to pass.

Aged cheese and rice have a similar effect, so it is important to limit consumption to avoid constipation.

8. A little exercise


It’s easy. Walk, bike, swim, etc. at least once a day for half an hour, etc. It’s twice as fun if you are with someone. Only do as much exercise as your body can handle.

This also speeds up your digestion. Do not doubt it, it is also very good for your general health, not just against constipation. What are you waiting for? Get started today!

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