9 Healthy Food Combinations

To improve the complexion, you can include mango and chicken eggs in your diet, which promote collagen production. Combine both foods at breakfast.

9 healthy food combinations

Do you want healthier and more glowing skin, stronger bones or a better figure? Then try the following food combinations that will be good for your health.

Green tea and lemon for the heart

Green tea contains catechol, a further acting antioxidant that can help prevent heart attacks. This substance is only produced in small quantities by the body itself and is not always properly absorbed. However, scientists have found that green tea with lemon juice improves the absorption of catechol by 80%.

Tomato and broccoli against cancer

Broccoli and tomato healthy food combinations
Broccoli is high in vitamin C as well as high in fiber and cancer-preventing nutrients.

Healthy food combinations made from broccoli and tomatoes that help prevent cancer. A more recent  study has shown that combining both foods increases the cancer-preventing effects and can even reduce certain tumors.

Patients with prostate cancer have been studied, but this combination can help with other cancers as well.

It is recommended to combine 1.5 cups of broccoli with 2.5 cups of fresh tomatoes or 1 cup of tomato juice. An infinite number of recipes for pizza, salads, juices, soups, etc. can be used to combine these two types of vegetables.

Red peppers and black beans for better iron absorption

The iron contained in the beans is better absorbed by the bones when it is taken with foods containing vitamin C, such as: B. red peppers.

Good to know: the amount of iron in this combination is three times higher than that in meat. So it is completely sufficient to combine half a cup of red pepper with half a cup of black beans.

Mango + egg = firm skin

Mango and egg healthy food combinations

Do you want to improve your skin health? Then combine these two products. Eggs are rich in essential amino acids that are useful for collagen formation, while foods containing vitamin C, such as mango, promote these acids and increase collagen production.

This combination regenerates, firms and beautifies our skin.

How about an omelette and half a cup of mango for breakfast? The effect lasts all day.

Healthy food combinations of green tea and pepper for weight loss

Green tea with a little pepper, healthy food combinations that also help you lose weight! In one study, both products were found to naturally increase calorie burning by 130%.

Green tea alone has a detoxifying and filling effect and also regulates the hunger hormone functions; in combination with pepper it works even better. For example,  “season” a simple cup of green tea with 1/4 teaspoon of pepper.

Healthy bones with radicchio and cabbage

Leaf cabbage and radicchio strengthen our skeleton. Because leaf kale contains a lot of calcium and radicchio has the property of promoting calcium absorption. A shake or a delicious salad with half a cup of each of these vegetables is perfect, for example to protect the bones.

Green lettuce and avocado to protect against UV rays

Avocado and green salad healthy food combinations

The sun is important for our body, but UV rays are harmful to the skin. This can be prevented by taking carotene. Carrots, lettuce and spinach are therefore perfect for protecting yourself from the sun. Combining it with avocado improves carotene absorption.

Whole grain yogurt for better digestion

A balanced breakfast stimulates the metabolism and promotes weight loss, for example.

Yogurt has beneficial bacteria that improve bowel functions, and whole grains make bowel movements easier. However, the yogurt should be natural and sugar-free. Simply mix 1/4 cup whole grains (e.g. oats or wheat) with 1 cup yogurt.

Almonds and apricots for a healthy heart

Almonds and apricots healthy food combinations

If you are tired of high cholesterol and want to protect your heart, you should not do without this combination. Almonds prevent the oxidation produced by cholesterol, while apricots contain high levels of vitamins C and E, which therefore inhibits oxidation.

The perfect snack made from almonds and apricots, especially when you fancy something sweet. That’s why 1/4 cup of dried apricots and 5 almonds are enough to satisfy cravings.

Excellent combinations

All of the foods mentioned are completely natural and work particularly well in the recommended combinations. Even if there is often a lack of time in today’s lifestyle, for the sake of your health you should pay attention to a balanced, healthy diet!

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