A Green Apple A Day …

Green apples are extremely healthy for the digestive system: They help with digestive disorders, promote the absorption of nutrients and improve intestinal peristalsis.

A green apple a day ...

You have probably already noticed how many different types of apples in different colors are available in stores. What you probably don’t know is that green apples contain fewer calories and more vitamins and minerals than other varieties. A green apple a day is very healthy for many reasons.

What if we told you that the green apple is not only a flashy color and a treat for the senses, but is also ideal for losing weight? You probably think that a green apple a day is the perfect option to satisfy your appetite and supplement your diet in a healthy way!

However, since many still do not know the amazing benefits of this fruit, we are devoting our article today to the properties of the green apple, so that you too can incorporate this local fruit into your daily nutrition plan and benefit from it.

A great source of antioxidants

Green apples are among the best sources of fiber and flavonoids. In addition, they also contain a significant amount of vitamin C and other antioxidants and phytonutrients.

In addition , phenolic acid and flavonoids are found in the composition of green apples, which contribute to the health of all organs and systems in the body. What exactly do they do for your body? They stop the effects of free radicals on your cells.

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The green apple is a healthy option to add to your diet.

Hence, it is believed that consuming a green apple daily (as part of a balanced diet) causes these molecules to prevent possible damage at the cellular level day in and day out. That said, this fruit could help prevent premature aging.

For this reason, it is recommended that fruit (in general, not just apples) should be part of a meal as important as breakfast. Although eating fruits is of course also very beneficial at other times of the day in order to benefit from all of their health benefits.

A green apple a day: the ideal fruit for weight loss

Without a doubt, a green apple a day is a great option for those looking to lose weight. To give you a better idea of ​​the benefits, an apple has just 80 calories. In addition, its high fiber content ensures a good feeling of satiety.

Of course, eating a single apple is not enough to lose several kilograms. But this is an effective way to supplement your diet in a healthy way. In addition, you can activate your metabolism in this way.

In the following, we want to take a closer look at the benefits of consuming a green apple every day.

1. Helps regulate blood sugar

Thanks to its high content of soluble fiber,  this fruit will satisfy your appetite and help regulate blood sugar levels. This is of particular interest to people with diabetes.

2. A green apple a day is good for your bones

Did you know that another property of the sour green apple is to keep your bone system healthy? Due to its composition, this fruit is an optimal addition to your diet and at the same time an important nourishment for your bones.

This type of apple in particular provides you with a significant amount of boron. Because of this, it helps maintain healthy bone density.

3. Good for the health of your teeth

Eating one green apple a day is helping to keep your teeth healthy This effect is due to the fact that the apple stimulates the production of saliva. As a result, the bacteria that build up in the mouth are reduced.

Therefore, it is recommended  to eat at least one piece of fruit a day , be it a sour green apple or any other fruit. This is an effective way to prevent diseases such as tooth decay, gingivitis, and other gum infections.

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4. A green apple a day for healthy and glowing skin

All fruits contain essential nutrients that do a lot for skin health. In this sense, the green apple is no exception. It contains vitamins A, B and C and is rich in antioxidants and water.

For all these reasons it can be said that this fruit has antioxidant properties that are  perfect for maintaining, improving and maintaining the health of the skin  are.

5. Apples are important to a healthy heart

The green apple (and apples in different colors) is a food that due to its fiber and potassium content to the  health of the cardiovascular system  contributes. Both nutrients are essential for controlling blood pressure and cholesterol levels, among other things.

Potassium is a mineral that helps maintain the water balance in the cells and, among other things, promotes the proper functioning of the heart.

In addition, pectin and polyphenols accelerate fat metabolism. On the other hand, they reduce inflammatory processes that are often associated with cardiovascular diseases.

6. A green apple a day helps your digestion

Their significant fiber content makes green apples an effective resource for promoting intestinal transit and preventing constipation. In addition, eating a piece with skin on can be beneficial to counteract diarrhea and inflammation. It can also  help reduce the symptoms of indigestion such as gas and wind.

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Will you also benefit from the advantages of the green apple in the future?

Now that you know all the advantages that a green apple a day offers you, the question arises whether you would like to benefit from it in the future? If you choose to do this, you should always eat the whole apple with the peel, because it contains important essential nutrients.

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