Abdominal Exercises At Home

With these abdominal exercises you can strengthen your abdominal muscles at home

Abdominal exercises for home

Not everyone has time to go to a gym for abdominal exercises and sometimes the necessary change or a suitable studio nearby is also missing. But it is also possible to strengthen the abdominal muscles in your own four walls!

Abdominal exercises against belly fat ?

Many find the more or less large fat belt around the stomach to be unaesthetic. It is widely believed that abdominal exercises can magically melt belly fat in precisely this area.

One thing first: it doesn’t work. With abdominal exercises you can still achieve positive effects such as:

  • Muscle building
  • Increase in the basal metabolic rate and thereby
  • Increased metabolic activity
  • Strengthening the cardiovascular system
  • Increased blood flow

With abdominal exercises you build muscle mass, which – not only on the stomach – can then burn excess calories and excess body fat.

However, this happens not only where you build muscle mass, but also in other parts of the body. So fat loss does not happen selectively only on the stomach.

When doing exercises for your abdominal muscles, you should also make sure to strengthen your back muscles as well. If you only train your stomach, postural damage can result.

Abdominal exercises to get rid of excess fat

Important notes on abdominal exercises

It is important that you do the exercises regularly to get a training effect. It is best to choose a fixed time of day, for example in the evening, before you go to the bathroom.

Do not overdo it, but you should train every other day, otherwise your exertion is of little use.

The exercises are child’s play anywhere: at home in the bedroom or living room or when traveling in a hotel room, on the beach or while sunbathing on the lawn.

You don’t need any accessories or devices and you don’t have to buy expensive sports equipment. Please do not use the couch or bed for the exercises, the surface is too soft!

A gymnastics or yoga mat is ideal, but you can also create an ideal surface on a wooden or tile floor with a folded wool blanket.

Crunch and other abdominal exercises


Here the English term for “belly press” has established itself. Put your feet under your bed or a closet, lie on your back, and stand up with your back straight.

Alternatively, you can bend your legs, which is easier. Variations: Tap your left knee with your right elbow, put your upper body down, and now tap your right knee with your left elbow.

Plank and other abdominal exercises


The exercise “Plank” is simply called “Unterarmstütz” in German, but that sounds boring, which is why the English term has established itself.

In the forearm support exercise, only your own body weight is effective and the training effect is achieved through static holding, not through movement.

First and foremost, your abdominal muscles are strengthened, but also a variety of other muscle parts such as triceps, shoulder, chest and leg muscles.

If the exercise is too difficult for you, try to position your forearms a little higher, for example on a bench, a high seat cushion, a mattress or something similar.

Woman doing abdominal exercises

“Small V”

This exercise looks easier than it is!

To do this, sit straight on the floor, legs stretched out in front of you, upper body vertical.

Your arms rest next to your hips. Now stretch your arms forward at the same time and pull your legs towards your upper body so that you form a “V” with your upper body and thighs. The back must remain straight and the head upright.

Try to hold this posture for at least 40 seconds and then slowly lower yourself back down. Don’t forget to breathe!

Abdominal exercises


That should be known from school, right? Lie stretched out on the floor with your arms next to you. Now lift your upper body and legs straight up at the same time so that you fold up at the hips like a jackknife. Do you feel the abs work?

Push-ups and other abdominal exercises


The push-up is an exercise that trains many muscle groups at the same time and very effectively without the need for additional equipment. Quasi a “workout on a small scale”.

The push-ups train muscle groups in the arms, legs, shoulders, buttocks, back – and also the abdomen. The “straight abdominal muscle” is what many like to see as a “six-pack”. And it is precisely this muscle that benefits in the stomach when you do push-ups!

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