Amazing Tricks For The Microwave

The microwave oven is very versatile in its use, you can not only defrost frozen food or reheat food with it. You just have to follow the right steps to get the results you want.

Amazing tricks for the microwave

The microwave isn’t just there to warm up leftovers from the day before or to prepare popcorn. There are many ways to use the microwave oven sensibly and to benefit from it in “emergencies”.

The most important advantage is the speed with which certain dishes can be prepared that would take much longer on a conventional stove.

Then you will find various tips that will prove the power of the microwave to you.


Prepare corn in the microwave

Instead of boiling corn on the cob in water, which takes a while, you can simply use the microwave oven to do so.

In this case, the corn on the cob is not peeled. Because of the protective leaves, the moisture and heat inside can be better preserved, so the corn kernels are cooked more uniformly.

Turn the microwave on at full potency for between 3 and 5 minutes.

You can then easily remove the outer leaves. Let the corn on the cob cool down for a few minutes first so as not to burn your fingers!

No more tears while chopping onions

If you have tears running down your face as you cut the onions, this trick will help you a lot: heat the onions in a microwave oven for about 30 seconds before cutting them.

Now you won’t cry while doing it!

Why does this trick work? Quite simply: warming up breaks  some of the enzymes that release sulfur compounds that are irritating to the eyes.

“Revive!” Potato Chips

If you leave a bag of potato chips open, they will become slack after a while. Put them on a plate and heat them in the microwave for 30-45 seconds.

Then you take the potato chips out of the microwave, wait a minute and then you can eat the delicious, crispy chips. This trick works with popcorns too.

Dried herbs

Prepare herbs in the microwave

Some herbs should not be used in the garden immediately after harvest or while they are still fresh.

If you don’t have time to let these herbs dry beforehand, you can use the microwave.

Heat the herbs at maximum potency for two to three minutes to dry them. 

Don’t forget that after washing you should first remove the excess water, otherwise the herbs will not be dried in the microwave, but boiled.

Juicy citrus fruits

Again, this trick is very helpful in getting the most juice out of citrus fruits. Sometimes grapefruits, limes, lemons or oranges are not easy to squeeze.

If you reheat them in the microwave for 20 seconds first, you will get more juice as the pulp will soften and  the juice will escape without pressing hard. 

Hard bread

If the bread is already hard, it can still be eaten if you use the following trick:

Wrap the bread in a damp cloth and heat it in the microwave on maximum power for  10 to 12 seconds. Check whether the bread is already soft or needs a few seconds longer.

In this way, the hard bread gets the missing moisture again and tastes fresh!

Scrambled eggs

Benefit from your microwave oven  to quickly and easily prepare scrambled eggs for breakfast!

  • Mix the eggs with a little milk in a bowl.
  • Season to taste with salt and pepper and heat at high temperature for 45 seconds.
  • Then you take the bowl out of the microwave and stir the eggs. Heat again for 30-45 seconds.
  • Repeat the process until the scrambled eggs take on the consistency you want.

French fries from the microwave

French fries from the microwave

Think you absolutely need a deep fryer to make french fries? Again, the microwave is very useful! You will be amazed.

Prepare the potatoes by peeling them and cutting fine strips. Then you put them in a microwave dish.

The cooking time depends on the potency of the microwave oven,  usually 3 to 5 minutes are sufficient at the maximum potency.

As soon as the french fries are ready, just add a little salt and enjoy.

Poached eggs

Poached eggs are not that easy to prepare in the traditional way, but it is very easy in a microwave oven. Fill a microwave dish with half a cup of water and add a little salt.

Then break the egg into the water, it must be completely covered by the water.

Cover the bowl with a plate or lid and heat in the microwave at maximum potency for one minute. You will be amazed at the result!

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