Antidepressants – What Are They And How Can You Support Them?

The health consultancy IMS Health has recorded an increase of 20% in Europe.

Antidepressants - what are they and how can you support them?

You might be surprised, but the use of antidepressants is increasing many times over every year. The health consultancy IMS Health has seen an increase of 20% in Europe.

What happens when I am depressed? Life seems to be getting harder every day, new duties pile up every day, despite negative and pessimistic thoughts one has to “function” in both work and private life, in addition to self-reproach and feelings of guilt.

But do  antidepressants really work to treat depression? Then you will learn more about it.

Life Pain Pills – Do They Really Work?

Many studies have been carried out on this subject in recent years. With the increased  use of antidepressants, many medical institutions have tried to determine whether they are really useful. These were the results:

  • It all seems to depend on the type of depression. For example, Prozac does not relieve mild to moderate depression as “wonderfully” as one might expect. The drug alone is not 100% effective, you also have to deal with your problems and, for example, start behavioral therapy in order to see long-term success.
  • In the case of severe depression, medication is essential.  However, antidepressants should only be used for a limited period of time and should be accompanied by therapy so that the patient gradually recovers. However, using only psychotropic drugs is just masking the real problem and “existential pain” can become a chronic problem.
  • Doctors confirm that 80% of patients suffer from daily ailments such as nervousness, anxiety, stress and emotional problems. People are unique and require individual treatment. Psychotropic drugs cannot always cope with existential pain. You should definitely consult your doctor.

    Complementary strategies to antidepressants


    Antidepressants or psychiatric drugs are definitely useful, but they are not the only way to overcome depression. It’s like taking a headache pain reliever without questioning the cause of the pain. Where does the stress come from?

    Did we not eat optimally or is it a matter of our monthly menstrual period?

    • You suffer from your pain alone, but you need help. A person suffering from depression thinks that no one can understand them. He thinks that no one can understand what he’s going through. Accept the help of others, get cared for, because isolation only causes more pain. Maintain your social contacts, open your heart to those who can give you peace and balance, and distance yourself from “toxic” relationships that only cause suffering.

      Other strategies

      • You have the right to fall, but you have to get up again. Today you feel bad, today you feel the darkness of the depression in its full intensity. Don’t let this condition become chronic. You have to be brave and know the causes, find out what’s going on inside you. Try to understand yourself, have conversations with friends, find out where the deep pain is coming from. You have to escape this suffering and say “yes” to life.
      • New ways, new hopes.  Depression is overcome by moving ahead, opening the windows, looking in the mirror, and smiling at yourself. The pain will gradually subside as you start new projects. You should get excited about things and find new ways that make you happy. After the black tunnel, there are many new opportunities that are worth exploring. Seek professional help to overcome your soul pain.

        Pills can be very helpful in certain situations, but there are also other (supportive) ways to fight depression.

        Psychological help, the support of your loved ones and your own will are essential if you want to break out of the “valley of tears”.

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