Are Ice Cubes Recommended In Drinks?

The problem is not the ice cubes themselves, but the microorganisms that spread in the freezer or that can get into the drink by touching the ice cubes with your hands.

Are ice cubes recommended in drinks?

In summer, when it’s hot, ice cubes are very popular in drinks. But did you know that ice cubes can also be dangerous?

In today’s post you will find out why you should better avoid ice cubes in drinks.

Contaminated ice cubes in beverages are a danger


Various studies have investigated whether ice cubes, which are particularly popular in summer, can have negative effects on health or not.

The result is worrying. In most fast food restaurants and cafes  , the water they used to make the ice cubes was full of bacteria. 

The amount of pathogens found in it was comparable to that found in the toilets in the same place!

Can the toilet be compared to a drink offered in certain restaurants? Unfortunately the answer is yes. What is particularly worrying is that the toilets are cleaned more often than the ice cube machines.

Those in charge of the aforementioned multinational restaurant chains have attributed the problem with bacteria to the human factor.

What does that mean?

That means that the same employees operate the ice machine who also clean the toilets, take money, clean the floor…. however, do not wash your hands!

The laboratory tests could not find any serious contamination of the drinks offered in these restaurants.

However, the number of bacteria found was far greater than what is considered “normal”.

It should be noted that the problem is not the water itself, which is used to make the ice cubes (it was drinking water in all cases), but  the bacteria.

These sit in the ice cube machine  and dirty hands with which the drinks are prepared and served.

Drink with ice cubes

These bacteria, which get into the organism via a soft drink, do not harm a healthy person. However, certain groups of the population such as children, the elderly and people with a weakened immune system are at risk.

Not to be forgotten are trips to countries where drinking water is not used to make ice cubes. Particular caution is required here!

For exotic travel destinations in Africa, Asia or America, you should take into account that the water for drinks or ice cubes often comes from contaminated sources.

In this case  , under no circumstances should ice cubes be consumed!  It is better to drink a warm drink than to spend days in a hotel room with diarrhea, nausea and colic (in the best possible case).

What if you make the ice cubes yourself at home?

In scientific studies, ice cubes have been examined in restaurants and cafes. But what happens if you make the ice cubes yourself at home?

Is this also a problem?

The location is not much different from restaurants. Did you wash your hands thoroughly before filling the ice cube trays with water? Did you take the ice cubes out with clean hands and put them in the glass?

You will now understand why the situation is very similar.

But that’s not all: if you haven’t cleaned the ice cube tray or the ice cube dispenser properly, pathogens will also collect in it. These then end up in the drinks and finally in your organism!

It is therefore of the utmost importance to  thoroughly clean all accessories before use! Don’t forget to wash your hands well! 

You should also think about this before preparing the drinks and when serving, so as not to give bacteria a chance.


When you take all of this into account, the chances of harmful microorganisms entering your body with the ice cubes are far lower.

But there is one more thing that you shouldn’t forget. Drinks that are too cold can cause irritation in the throat and vocal cords!

If you come home and are very thirsty because of the heat and you immediately drink a very cold drink with ice cubes, it can cause a sore throat or dysphonia.

Which is better – cold or warm drinks?


It is interesting to know what exactly ice cubes do in the body, especially in the stomach, because if you know this, you may voluntarily give it up.

It has been shown that drinks with ice cubes or very cold drinks lead to digestive problems. That is why people in Asia often drink green tea instead of soft drinks.

If you drink drinks that are too cold, the blood vessels contract. You activate the production of mucus in the body and you hinder the supply of fluids.

However, when you have a warm drink (such as tea) it stimulates bowel movements and stimulates digestion. The blood is better cleaned and the pollutants are discharged through the kidneys.

In addition, you should know that a lukewarm or warm drink while eating  promotes fat digestion. It also prevents lipids from attaching to the stomach walls.

It is therefore advisable to drink tea with dishes with vegetable or animal fats (oil, dried fruit, meat, egg yolk or butter).

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