Bacteria Cavort On These Objects!

There are places in the home where bacteria can romp about if you don’t regularly ensure that these areas are kept clean. It depends on you!

Bacteria cavort on these objects!

Every child knows that bacteria romp around in the toilet bowl . But there are items in the home that have more disease-causing bacteria in them than in your toilet. You’ll be surprised where that is!

Where do bacteria romp around in the household?

Bacteria romp around in the bathroom and in the garbage can , and they even ensure that we can smell it : odor-causing and, in some cases, disease-causing bacteria. But bacteria can also be found in other places if you don’t take care to keep your household clean.

You don’t need disinfectants to fight the bacteria, regular washing at at least 60 ° C or wiping with soapy or vinegar water is usually enough to prevent you from cultivating your bacteria in the household.

Bacteria romp about particularly well and unnoticed on the following items in your household:

Bacteria cavort in the sponge

Kitchen sponge

Kitchen sponges and kitchen rags are great bacteria spinners , with which you can also distribute the bacteria nicely everywhere, for example when you wipe the table with them. So it is really important to keep kitchen textiles (sponge, rag and towels) clean at all times.

Kitchen sponges are disposable and extremely inexpensive. You can boil such a sponge, but it’s easier to replace it with a fresh one every week. Please replace the mopping cloth at least every two days and wash it at at least 60 ° C. The same goes for kitchen towels.

Doorknobs and handles

Bacteria that you drag in from outside cavort on the doorknobs. You know it for sure: open the front door, open the kitchen door, stow away your purchases. Or you can open the windows to ventilate the room, run to the toilet or open cupboards as soon as you come home.

The bacteria from the bus or the subway are distributed everywhere with your hands.

Make a habit of washing your hands as soon as you get to your home. So jacket off, shoes off, wash hands. Only then go on through the apartment, for example to stow away your purchases. In addition, regularly wipe doorknobs, window handles and furniture handles with icy or soapy water.

tidy room

Bedspread and sofa cushions

You change the bed linen regularly, but what about the bedspread? Dust collects on it, you sit on it in street clothing, maybe your pet or child jumps on it, maybe it lies on the floor every now and then. And do you put that on your clean sheets every day so that it looks tidy? “Neat” yes, but “clean” not.

Get in the habit of washing your bedspread, cozy blanket from the couch and sofa cushions to rid them of dirt, flakes and sebum and to give bacteria and dust mites no chance.

Bacteria cavort in the washing up


Leftovers, coffee grounds, hair and other things that provide bacteria with the best possible basis of life regularly collect in the drain from the bathroom and kitchen. If you are unlucky and have not done anything for a long time, the drain also smells bad, because there is an abundance of bacteria!

Don’t use a drain cleaner. It is sufficient to fill the sink with hot soapy water at the latest once a week and let it drain. In the kitchen, you can add a pot of boiling water to kill any bacteria in the drain.

two toothbrushes


When was the last time you changed your toothbrush? Your dentist recommends changing your toothbrush every 3 months at the latest, but since toothbrushes are penny-penny items, you can do this more often.

Of course, you can disinfect them with hydrogen peroxide, but it’s easier, safer, and cheaper to buy new toothbrushes regularly.

electromagnetic radiation cell phone


You take your cell phone with you wherever you go and bacteria romp on it that you have picked up in all these places. Quickly check emails on the bus? Quickly write an SMS in the queue? Everything that you have touched beforehand can be transferred to your mobile phone: the bacteria from the shopping cart, handle in the bus, door handle, …

Since you cannot simply wash your cell phone with water (it depends on the model), disinfectant wipes or pads soaked in alcohol are recommended . Use it to regularly rub the surface of your phone to remove the bacteria on it.

Man works with laptop


Just as you distribute the bacteria from the bus, train and supermarket on your phone, you do the same on your computer keyboard. If you enter a building from the street in which you are staying for a long time (work or apartment, also of friends) : First wash your hands before you spread the bacteria everywhere!

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