Build Up The Intestinal Flora Naturally Again

Since the intestinal flora is fundamental for our health, but it can be impaired by unhealthy habits, it is advisable to include foods in the nutrition plan that can restore a healthy balance.

Build up the intestinal flora naturally

The intestinal flora plays an important role for general health, as it affects the metabolism, the absorption of vitamins and minerals, the immune system and also the energy level.

However, a poor diet, the use of antibiotics or other factors can negatively affect the intestinal flora .

In this post you will learn how you can naturally build a healthy gut microbiota, as the microorganism community is also called.

What is the intestinal flora?

woman-cares-intestinal flora

It is the totality of microorganisms that colonize the intestine.

As soon as the baby comes into contact with the environment after birth, the intestinal flora builds up and forms a complex, dynamic ecosystem in which around 100 trillion bacteria of various types settle.

The intestinal flora ensures a certain degree of acidity in the intestine, which prevents unwanted microorganisms from feeling at home.

How does a change in the intestinal flora come about?

Many different factors can affect or disrupt the intestinal flora:

  • Acid-forming and refined foods, sugar, white flour, fried foods and saturated fats.
  • Stress phases then always have negative effects on health. The intestinal flora is then also influenced, the natural defenses decrease and one becomes more susceptible to diseases.
  • Common bowel disorders.

Then we recommend various foods that can help you build up a healthy intestinal flora.

Breakfast with kefir

kefir-for-healthy-intestinal flora

Kefir is one of the best foods for building a healthy intestinal flora. This fermented milk is easy to make at home. All you need is milk and a kefir mushroom.

  • Kefir looks similar to cooked rice. This fungus feeds on milk, which ferments and thickens, similar to yogurt.
  • You can buy kefir ready-made or you can get a kefir mushroom and ferment the milk at home.

It’s best to drink kefir in the morning  on an empty stomach. This dairy product also tastes excellent as an afternoon snack.

There is also water kefir for those who suffer from lactose intolerance.


sauerkraut-for-healthy-intestinal flora

Sauerkraut is fermented white cabbage, which is traditionally eaten with various meat and fish dishes and aids digestion.

It contains  valuable probiotics, which are also very useful for a balanced intestinal flora.

Sauerkraut is produced through lactic acid fermentation and can be easily made at home. All you need is grated white cabbage and salt in a sealable jar, you can also add other spices such as juniper.

Season with sea water

In addition, seawater has recently become very popular because of its extraordinary medicinal properties.

In contrast to table salt, which consists only of sodium chloride,  seawater contains 118 minerals that our body also needs.

These are absorbed in the intestine and then regulate the pH value in the digestive tract and in the entire organism at the same time. In addition, sea water ensures a healthy intestinal flora.

If you suffer from constipation, you can drink sea water in the morning on an empty stomach (mix 1 part sea water with 2 parts mineral water). Sea water is also ideal for seasoning a wide variety of recipes. This can be used as a substitute for salt.

If you do not want the positive properties to be lost, you should always use seawater uncooked, for example in gazpachos (Spanish cold vegetable soup), smoothies with fruit or vegetables, sauces, salads, etc.

Food supplements

If you want to clean up your gut microbiota in a few days after recovery or after taking medication, we recommend that you take a specific dietary supplement.

For this to be effective, it must not be taken with meals. Take the remedy at least an hour before meals, before bedtime, or on an empty stomach an hour before breakfast.

There are many different types of nutritional supplements for a healthy intestinal flora. Make sure these contain as many strains of bacteria as possible.

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