Causes Of Nausea When Driving A Car

Nausea when driving a car is very common, especially in children, which can also lead to nervousness, cold sweats and vomiting. Find out more about this topic today. 

Causes of nausea when driving a car

During the holidays, for excursions or jaunts on the weekend, longer car journeys are often necessary, during which you can often hear from behind: “I’m sick!” Because many children suffer from nausea while driving,  and so do some adults.

The specialist term for travel and motion sickness is kinetosis. While it can be bad for anyone, there are people who are particularly prone to dizziness, nausea and  nausea while driving  . This includes children between the ages of three and twelve, people who are nervous, and pregnant women. But how do these unpleasant symptoms come about?

In today’s article you will learn more about kinetosis and what you can do  to prevent nausea on your next outing. You can enjoy the vacation you deserve better!

How does nausea come from driving a car?

To understand why some people get sick in the car, let’s briefly explain how our balance system works.

The brain needs to know the exact position of our body in order to maintain balance. It does this by using balance receptors that are in our hearing. It also requires information that is absorbed by the senses and the musculoskeletal system.

The information that is received through the eyes and the receptors of the muscles and tendons must match each other as soon as it reaches the brain. This is usually the case when, for example, we are walking or doing sports.

However, when we are in a moving car and concentrate on a fixed point, for example on the mobile phone, the information that is transmitted to the brain does not match. This means that the brain receives different data from different receptors. The sense of sight tells us that there is no movement while our body perceives the movements of the car.

How does nausea come from driving a car?

What are the symptoms in this situation?

The uncoordinated information  stimulates the sense of balance excessively. This organ is located in the middle ear. When it’s hyperactive, dizziness and nausea may occur:

  • Affected individuals  tend to turn pale and experiment with cold sweats.
  • They also feel  uncomfortable and bad.
  • Nausea and nausea can also occur.

How can you prevent nausea while driving?

As mentioned earlier, the nausea occurs when we focus on a fixed point and are calm while the car is moving. This  movement is passive because it is not the body itself, but the vehicle that moves. 

When the road is irregular, the discomfort is greater. The nausea is particularly noticeable when making many turns or at high speed. The best precaution is therefore to drive carefully.

The driver should try not to make abrupt movements and not to brake quickly. Of course, he also has to control the speed and prevent rapid acceleration. If the excursion is in the mountains, special care is necessary.

The person who gets sick quickly should sit in the middle in the back seat. Because in this way she can look at the landscape and is aware of the movement. If the person feels nauseous anyway, it is best to open the window. The affected person should close their eyes and try to relax.

Nausea while driving a car

On the other hand, it is also advisable to always ventilate the car  well and to keep it at a comfortable temperature between 21 and 23 degrees. Try not to overeat before you travel. However, you shouldn’t be sober. Eat something light and drink enough water. Regular breaks are also important to help you catch your breath and relax.

If you or a passenger still feels sick, the doctor can also prescribe travel medication. Various drugs help with kinetosis,  including antihistamines such as biodramina or dimenhydrinate.

Various natural remedies such as ginger or chewing gum can also help on the trip. There are even elastic wristbands that are also supposed to prevent nausea while driving.

Final remark

If you yourself have frequent driving nausea, or if your child feels the same way, follow this advice. And don’t forget to have a paper bag handy! You can also try to plan the excursion or trip in the morning, because that way you can sleep as a passenger, which makes things easier. 

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