Cold Hands, Cold Feet: Why Is That And What Can You Do About It?

Did you know that cold hands or feet can result from overloading the digestive tract? Because in this case the temperature in the stomach becomes higher and, consequently, lower in the extremities.

Cold hands, cold feet: why is that and what to do about it?

Our men have to keep warming us up: our cold hands in their warm hands and  cold feet under the covers.

Sometimes grandma’s thick woolen socks don’t help, but why is that? Where does the sudden drop in temperature in the hands and feet come from? How can you avoid it? What can you do about it? We’ll explain it to you!

Why do “only” women have cold feet and hands?

It has not yet been scientifically fully clarified why “only” we women suffer from it and why men can “always” warm us up and not know the feeling of not being able to fall asleep with cold feet.

One possible reason could be that women generally have less muscle mass and can therefore produce less body heat.

Women also have low blood pressure more often than men – this, too, promotes cold hands and cold feet . But of course there are also men who now and then suffer from cold paws and feet …


Ice cubes


When it is cold and we have not protected ourselves enough from the cold, the body has to take care of maintaining its temperature. This is especially important in the middle of the body, where the important organs are that need to be kept at optimal body temperature.

So the body narrows the vessels so that less warm blood reaches the extremities (fingers, hands, toes, feet) and most of the warm blood stays in the core of the body.

The extremities are therefore less well supplied with blood and therefore cool down. It is therefore important to protect our extremities particularly well in the cold before the cold has a chance to get through to us. Incidentally, the first thing to do is to freeze the nose – only then do the toes and fingers …

Blood pressure

Low blood pressure

A blood pressure that is too low can also disrupt the blood flow to the hands and feet, so that they cool down even without being too cold outside. When we’re tired, blood pressure is usually low – and feet get cold.

Stupid, because with cold feet you can’t really fall asleep!



Smokers often suffer from vasoconstriction, which can also lead to poor blood circulation. The cause lies in the cigarettes, but the result is the same: ice blocks on your feet, ice fingers on your hands.

Nerve disorders

Some diseases can promote or cause nerve disorders. Diabetes is one of them. Such nerve disorders affect the body’s natural heat regulation, it no longer works properly.

Clothes that are too tight

If the shoe is too tight or the glove is too small or short, the clothing presses on the tissue on the hands and feet and thus, so to speak, presses the blood out of the affected areas.

It is logical that the blood circulation is disturbed there! In winter, shoes should not only offer space for thick socks, there must also be space for the feet, which must not be constricted in them, so that the warm boots also make feet warm!

Gloves must neither be too tight nor too short so that the blood circulation in the hands can continue to run undisturbed and the warming blood flows to the fingertips.

Other causes

Psychological factors such as fear (“ getting cold feet”), stress or anxiety disorders can severely restrict the blood flow to the extremities and lead to cold hands and feet even in the best summer weather.

Hormone fluctuations, hypothyroidism, heart disease, anemia and more can be other causes. If in doubt, clarify this with your doctor!

What helps?


Stimulate blood circulation

If the cause of the cold hands and feet is poor blood circulation, it helps to stimulate them. This can easily be done with a massage. Knead your feet well or use a massage roller that you run over your feet with light pressure.

Your hands will also enjoy a massage – preferably from a friend with warm hands!

cold feet

Dilate vessels

The wider the vessels are open, the better the warming blood can flow into your feet and hands. Warmth widens the vessels. A warm foot bath helps.

You don’t need any special additives, a wash bowl (or, if necessary, the cleaning bucket!) With warm water is sufficient. In addition, a hot tea that warms you from the inside, a cozy blanket around your shoulders – and the additional warmth should widen your vessels and reach your extremities!

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