Eliminate Uric Acid

Uric acid crystals are formed by an excess of purines. This is why it is important to drink plenty of water and eat foods that contain water to get rid of the excess uric acid.

Eliminate uric acid

Gout is due to increased levels of uric acid in the blood. This disease is very painful, so it is important to be able to drain excess uric acid so that the crystals do not get stuck in the joints.

In this post you will learn how to remove uric acid .

Many people suffer from gout, especially the elderly. The overproduction of uric acid not only gets into the blood, but also settles in the joints. Causes can, for example, be kidney problems or the excessive consumption of purines.

How can you get rid of uric acid?

Diet is the key to reducing uric acid levels: foods that are dehydrating and low in purine, such as cucumber, are particularly recommended.

This contains only 7.3 mg of purine per 100 g and is therefore ideal for preventing excessive uric acid levels and gout.

Water helps clear  the uric acid crystals, which can become lodged in the joints and cause great pain. 

Those affected should drink at least two liters of water a day and also consume foods that contain high amounts of water. In addition to the cucumber, this also includes pumpkin, zucchini and various fruits.

uric acid

Possible causes of increased uric acid levels and gout are:

  • high blood pressure
  • obesity
  • Chronic kidney problems
  • leukemia
  • psoriasis
  • Anemia
  • Genetic predisposition
  • Alcohol consumption

Gout occurs when the body has to process too much protein from certain foods, such as red meat.

Some of it is excreted in the urine and sweat, but there are always residues in the organism. Too much uric acid is deposited in the joints and in the blood, for example.

The uric acid crystals are very painful and lead to inflammation, redness and feelings of tension or pressure in certain areas, especially on the thumb or big toe. Deposits can also appear on the knees, ankles, feet, shoulders or elbows.

Natural remedy for uric acid crystals in the joints

There are juices that can drain uric acid. To prepare this juice, which helps reduce uric acid levels, you will need the following ingredients:

  • 1 medium cucumber
  • two celery stalks
  • 1 lemon wedge
  • 1 spoon of grated ginger

Thoroughly clean all ingredients, cut the cucumber and celery into pieces and chop with the stand mixer or blender.

Then add the lemon wedge and ginger and process everything into juice. One glass of this is drunk every day on an empty stomach and another glass during the day.

uric acid foot

In addition to this juice, you should try to reduce your consumption of purine-containing foods and ensure that you get enough exercise. This is how you can get rid of uric acid.

Home remedies for increased uric acid levels

The following home remedies are also recommended for elevated uric acid levels:

  • Process 2 carrots, 1 mango, 1 pineapple slice, 30 g strawberries, 1 cucumber and 1 lemon into juice and then drink in the morning. If you have severe symptoms, you can drink another glass of it in the afternoon.
  • Heat 30 g of blueberries in one liter of water and then cook for 3 minutes. Then cover and let steep for 10 minutes. Seven and then drink three glasses a day.
  • Mix 3 spoons of rosemary oil and 3 spoons of soybean oil and use them to massage the painful area.
  • Drink fresh tomato juice three times a day (the tomatoes should be very ripe). Tomatoes (preferably raw) are also recommended in salads and other dishes.

  • Make a sachet of baking soda and some water, then place it on the affected area to relieve the inflammation and pain.

More home remedies

  • Crush two cloves of garlic, then mix with a spoon of wheat bran and a spoon of apple cider vinegar. Prepare an envelope with this paste and then place it on the painful area.
  • Puree two large cabbage leaves and then massage into the painful area with circular massages two to three times a day.
  • Boil half an onion in a liter of water for three minutes. Then let it steep for 5 minutes, sift it and drink 3 cups of this infusion throughout the day. If you wish, you can then sweeten this drink with honey.
  • Boil a handful of corn mustache in half a liter of water for 10 minutes. Then drink seven and three cups per day.
  • In half a liter of water, three sprigs of parsley, 50 g of cabbage and half an onion are boiled for 15 minutes. Then pour off the liquid and let it cool down a little. Before drinking, add the juice of one lemon. It is best to take this drink before lunch.
  • Boil two spoons of honey berries in half a liter of water, sieve, cover and then let cool. Drink this infusion throughout the day, sweeten with a little honey if necessary.
  • Cut open an aloe vera leaf and remove the gel. Put this on the painful areas. You can also place the cut leaves directly on the gel side.

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