Exercises With The Pezzi Ball

The Pezzi ball is exercise equipment and seating in one and can be used every day.

Exercises with the Pezzi ball

The Pezzi ball is an easy way to strengthen the muscles, especially of the back, buttocks and stomach, while sitting and with simple gymnastic exercises.

You can easily do the exercises at home and use the ball as a desk chair.

What is a pezzi ball, please?

When Pezziball is a large, air-filled exercise ball with about 45 to 75cm diameter. Strictly speaking, the Pezziball is a ball from a certain Italian brand for exercise balls. Of course, you can also use other brands that make very similar balls.

The Pezzi ball is often used in school sports, in physiotherapy, in the physiotherapy of babies, as seating furniture and also during childbirth. If you want to use it at home, when buying it, make sure that the ball is safe from bursting.

This means that it has a kind of protective layer under the outer skin that prevents the ball from bursting immediately if you accidentally roll it over sharp-edged objects and injure the outer skin.

With the exercise ball you have many options to train your muscles easily and effectively and to improve your posture. Today we introduce you to a few possibilities:

writing desk

Pezziball instead of a desk chair

If you want to use the ball as an office chair, you should use its size to match the table and your leg length. Please also make sure that the ball is approved for your body weight!

To prevent the ball from rolling away, you can also buy a metal ring in which it rests securely and you cannot literally “tip off your chair”. By sitting on the ball and constantly changing your sitting position, you strengthen your muscles on the side.

At the beginning in particular, you should n’t work sitting on the ball for more than 90 minutes so as not to overwhelm your muscles.


Stretching the upper body

Lie with your back on the Pezzi ball and cross your arms behind your head. Now let gravity work and feel how the muscles of the upper body, especially the chest and shoulder muscles, are gently stretched.

Keep breathing normally. Feel how your chest is slowly expanding. This exercise is ideal on the evening of a long day at your desk to stretch, expand, and relax your chest muscles.


Strengthening the buttocks and thigh muscles

This exercise may sound familiar to you from a “pauch, legs, buttocks” gymnastics, but it is more effective with the Pezzi ball, as more muscle groups are activated by the small movements of the ball in order to compensate for these movements.

To do this, lie sideways on the ball as in the photo and support yourself with one arm. Find a stable position and then lift the upper leg slowly and straight up, hold it briefly in this position and slowly lower it back down again. Repeat this exercise 10 times on each side.

Mrs. Pezziball

Strengthening the gluteal muscles

Lie on your stomach on the ball, then support yourself with both arms. Keep your head in a straight line towards your back, then your knees on the floor directly against the ball.

Now lift one leg up and make sure that your back stays straight. Raise and lower this leg slowly, always slightly balancing the ball’s movements. Switch legs and practice 10 times per side.


Strengthening the abdominal muscles

For this exercise you need shoes with non-slip soles, with which you can then safely support yourself on the ground. Then lie down on the ball with your upper body backwards and support your legs in front of you so that you have a firm stance.

Now slowly raise and lower your buttocks, constantly balancing out the movements of the ball. If you want to intensify the exercise, put a heavy object, for example a half-liter bottle of water, on your abdomen.

Exercise Pezziball

Abdominal exercise

Lie on your back and put your heels on the pezzi ball. Put your arms straight next to your body and lift yourself into the shoulder blade stand. Now slowly raise and lower your buttocks to strengthen the abdominal and buttock muscles equally. Make sure you breathe evenly!

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