Fix An Upset Stomach Naturally

The digestive schnapps after a meal can be the reason for an upset stomach!

Fix an upset stomach naturally

The food is heavy in the stomach, the stomach feels as if it is about to burst and the stomach reports that it is absolutely overwhelmed. He makes it unmistakably clear to you that what you have just eaten was not good for him. No matter what the reason for your upset stomach, you can resort to natural remedies that promise relief.

Upset stomach – where does it come from?

Every stomach is different, but basically it is difficult for all stomachs to digest particularly fatty foods.

Meat dishes are just as difficult to digest. These stay in the stomach for a very long time before they are “prepared” by the gastric juices to the point that they are “released” into the small intestine.

A combination of meat and fat makes such food, especially in large quantities, like a literal stone in our stomach.

Our stomach is almost overwhelmed with its task and we can clearly feel this. We suffer from a feeling of fullness, belching, and often heartburn and stomach pressure. What helps?

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Digestive schnapps is counterproductive!

A herbal schnapps is often served, especially after a fatty meal, or a “Klarer” is requested to stimulate and support digestion.

In Greece and Turkey, aniseed schnapps is traditionally served, which is also believed to stimulate digestion. However, doctors are completely in agreement on this question: alcohol slows down digestion by up to 1.5 times!

The more alcohol is served with the meal (beer, wine, schnapps, …), the more sluggish the digestion. The reason: Alcohol relaxes the muscles in the stomach walls, making them less powerful in their pumping movements, which contribute to digestion.

The relaxed muscles spread a comfortably warm gut feeling, but digestion itself is significantly slowed down. The stone in the stomach stays longer, you feel over-saturated longer than without alcohol.

A digestive schnapps is completely counterproductive! So when you know that you are about to eat a fatty and meat-rich meal, drink non-alcoholic beverages so as not to impede digestion!

Medicinal herbs for digestion

A herbal schnapps does exactly the opposite of what it is supposed to do after eating. And yet it sounds so healthy!

In fact, the herbs in it are really good for digestion; the alcohol alone is counterproductive. So limit yourself to the herbs to help your digestion!

Mint tea for an upset stomach

Menthol and peppermint

An intense tea made from peppermint has been shown to help against upset stomach. The menthol in peppermint relaxes the muscles so that they can work normally again.

Instead of completely relaxing them like alcohol, menthol only helps to relax them without releasing the tension that is important for their work. This affects all muscles of the digestive tract equally, including the intestinal muscles.

It is important to take the menthol as fresh and concentrated as possible. It is easily soluble in water, which is why a tea made from plenty of fresh peppermint leaves helps well.

If you don’t have fresh mint ready, a few drops of concentrated essential mint oil or menthol can also help. Dissolved directly in a little water or dripped onto your tongue, it quickly gets into your digestive tract to help.

Upset stomach

Anise, ginger, caraway, fennel

The essential oils of these medicinal plants are very volatile and difficult to bind in water. So if you make a hot tea from it, most of the valuable essential oils have already evaporated before the tea is drinking temperature.

So if you want to use fennel, anise, caraway or ginger to relieve your upset stomach, you should eat them raw and not heated in water.

Ginger can be enjoyed candied as a snack or bought raw in cubes. The dried seeds of caraway, anise and fennel are just as easy to chew.

Chew the seeds well before swallowing them! This releases their effective essential oils, which then unfold their beneficial effects in the stomach!

Recipe: Indian blend of spices for an upset stomach

In India, a mixture of spices is often served after a meal, which is used to promote digestion. It is very tasty and ensures that the muscles do not cramp and that digestion can go smoothly.

Just chew a teaspoon of this mixture after eating! This is how you effectively prevent an upset stomach before it even occurs! Every family has their own home recipe, you too can combine the following spices as you wish:

  • Coriander (halved or quartered)
  • anise
  • Caraway seed
  • fennel
  • Colorful sugar pearls

Not only does this mixture help your digestion, it also eliminates bad breath! The small, colorful sugar pearls make it look beautiful and the sugar takes away the intense taste of some seeds a little.

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