Furnishing Tips For Small Kitchens

Small kitchens are often difficult to set up, so comfort and functionality do not stand in the way of each other. But it is possible!

Furnishing tips for small kitchens

Small kitchens should not be inferior to large kitchens in terms of their function, despite their lack of size. Even with limited space, it is possible to cook with fun in small kitchens and not let them appear completely overloaded.

Small kitchens and their space problem

In small apartments, small kitchens are often neglected. Often they are more like storage rooms than the place that becomes the center of life in many apartments. But you can also get a lot out of small kitchens and turn them into real space wonders!

Find out how you can easily do this.

Choose light colors

It is actually a truism, but it is true that light colors visually enlarge small rooms. Therefore, choose light colors for furniture and walls and only add color accents with accessories.

Windows are often in short supply, especially in small apartments, and you should therefore generally work with light colors, also in other living areas.

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Take care of light!

Small kitchens often look like dark holes when they only have small or no windows. It is now up to you to use the right light to create a beautiful ambience in which you can work well and also enjoy being.

Choose special lamps for overhead lighting that simulate daylight. This is especially important if you don’t have windows in the mini kitchen. Concern is then to make the workspace, including stove and counter tops, well lit.

Choose bright lamps that you can switch as individually as possible and that illuminate the entire work area.

For any seating or dining area, use a lamp with a warm light that radiates cosiness when you have finished cooking and have switched off the “work lights ”. In the best case, the lamp above this place can be dimmed, for example to have a brighter light for reading than for eating.

Basically pay attention to the light color. Cheap LED lamps bring light into the dark in a very energy-saving manner, but they also have a light color that is more reminiscent of a warehouse or basement and not a cozy kitchen. Put a little more money in your hand and invest in warmer light colors with LED lighting!

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Treat yourself to luxury in a small format

Small kitchens don’t mean that you have to forego the luxury of a dishwasher or microwave etc. They are also available in small formats!

Note that a dishwasher not only saves time, but also provides space for dirty dishes that would otherwise stand around while cooking and take away your work space.

Make sure that an additional kitchen appliance, such as the microwave, does not confiscate any space on the countertop. It is better to hang such devices under the wall cabinets so as not to block up valuable floor space.

Use folding or pull-out panels

Often times, in a small kitchen, you won’t have enough counter space when you’re cooking or baking. One possibility here is to create additional storage space by attaching a folding table to the wall or by integrating boards into your kitchen unit as additional space such as drawers.

Use storage space under the cupboards!

Your kitchen may stand on legs and only have them covered behind a panel. Maybe you are unlucky and cannot use the space, but you should have a look! If your kitchen is on its feet, you should definitely use the space under the cupboards instead of hiding it unused with a cover.

On the one hand, there are special drawers that use exactly this space, on the other hand, you can also simply use large, flat baskets or beautiful cardboard boxes to store things under the kitchen cabinets that cannot be stored in the cupboards: large pans, baking pans, trays, empty jam jars etc. Please always cover baskets or boxes to protect them from dirt from above.

make good use of small kitchens

Use the height

What small kitchens offer in terms of space under the cabinets, they often offer a multiple in height! There is often so much unused space on the cupboards! In order not to let the small kitchen look cluttered, you have several options for using this space:

  • Use wall cabinets high enough that they reach the ceiling
  • Install a curtain from the ceiling to the top of the cabinet
  • Place uniform baskets or pretty cardboard boxes on top

Be careful not to randomly stack all the “junk” on top of the cupboards, otherwise it will quickly look cluttered. Don’t forget that the dowels have to be strong enough not to cause the kitchen cabinet to crash due to additional weight. Attach additional brackets if necessary.

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