Garlic Oil Against Hair Loss

Thanks to its properties, garlic can help us to fight hair loss both externally and internally. So we shouldn’t hesitate to include it in our recipes.

Garlic oil for hair loss

Have all your attempts to stop hair loss failed so far? You have probably tried many different treatment options and nothing worked. If this applies to you, then you should definitely try garlic oil for hair loss.

Garlic oil is a natural remedy that is becoming increasingly popular for treating hair loss because it is very effective on many different hair types and results can be seen in just a few days.

Garlic does not have a pleasant odor. However, its amazing medicinal properties have been valued and used for both internal and external use since ancient times.

For this reason, it is not surprising that the white tuber is also ideal for hair health. In the following article you will learn how you can use garlic oil against hair loss .

 Why you should use garlic oil for hair loss

Why does garlic oil help against hair loss?

Garlic is a vegetable that is mainly used in gastronomy. But in addition to its properties as a delicious spice, garlic also has powerful antibacterial and medicinal properties and can be used to treat and prevent diseases.

Applying garlic oil on the head is ideal for improving hair health as it cures infections and fungi that are on the scalp and weaken the hair.

Other reasons for using garlic oil regularly:

  • Improves hair and scalp health,
  • relieves itching and burning of the scalp,
  • prevents hair thinning,
  • repairs damaged hair,
  • strengthens the hair root and
  • stimulates hair growth.

Antibacterial properties of garlic

Antibacterial properties of garlic oil against hair loss

The antibacterial properties of garlic are as strong as those of conventional antibiotics and other natural products, but they are usually more expensive.

Garlic oil on the scalp helps reduce bacteria and infections that lead to itching and damage to the hair. It also stimulates hair growth.

Regular use leads to better blood circulation in the scalp and stimulates the hair follicles.

Recipe for garlic oil for hair loss

Recipe for garlic oil for hair loss

Making garlic oil is easy and quick. We recommend using olive oil  for this as it protects the hair from drying out.

Olive oil nourishes damaged and damaged hair, repairs the hair structure and gives the hair an unusually beautiful shine. Do you like our suggestion? Then let’s get started!


  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 8 spoons of virgin olive oil


  • Put the two peeled garlic cloves and the olive oil in a pan or saucepan. The toes should be covered in the oil.
  • Now heat the oil on low heat for a few minutes until it smells like garlic. Then take it off the stove immediately.
  • Then let the garlic oil steep and cool. Keep it in a sealed jar in a dark place for at least 24 hours.

The oil can be kept for one month without refrigeration and stored in the refrigerator for two months.


Because of the smell, we recommend using the oil overnight.

  • Put a little garlic oil on your hand and massage it gently onto your hair and scalp.
  • Cover your hair with a shower cap or towel and wash it with your regular shampoo the next morning.

You can wash the oil off the same evening, but it should work for at least two hours.

To get good results in a short period of time, it is important to do this application at least three times a week. If  your hair looks greasy afterward, reduce the treatment to twice a week. 

A balanced diet, exercise and plenty of water are important supplements for treating hair loss and for strong and healthy hair.

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