Grandchildren: Light And Joy From Grandma And Grandpa

The grandparents have already brought up their children. Your job is to teach the grandchildren the values ​​and emotions that make them better people.

Grandchildren: light and joy from grandma and grandpa

Grandchildren: They bring light and hope to all family members. Grandparents usually have a very special relationship with their grandchildren, and both benefit greatly from each other.

Many grandparents are very active, independent, and young at heart. They enjoy everyday life and look after their grandchildren in a different way than their parents.

Numerous studies have investigated whether grandma and grandpa have responsibility for bringing up their grandchildren.

Even if everyone in society has a parenting role,  the role of grandparents in a family has a very special meaning that  we want to talk about today.

We invite you to think about it with us.

Grandparents and Grandchildren: The Role of Psychological Wellbeing


Parents are responsible for upbringing and setting boundaries. But the grandparents also take on important, very special tasks for their grandchildren:

  • The grandparents have already raised their own children and have learned about responsibility and upbringing. Most of the time, they do not want to interfere in their grandchildren’s upbringing by deciding what they may or may not do or by being strict.

Grandparents want to enjoy their grandchildren and give them an emotional legacy.

  • Grandparents usually not only communicate with their grandchildren with words, they shape gestures and symbols, are accomplices, laugh and make concessions …

    All of this promotes the psychological well-being of the grandchildren, but also of the grandparents. In this way, both benefit from a harmonious relationship.

    • A regular relationship between grandma and grandpa and the grandchildren prevents depressive moods and sadness. The grandparents see a new responsibility in this,  the grandchildren learn things that their own parents cannot convey to them. 

    Of course, not all grandparents are created equal and close relationships do not always exist. They say that you will get as old as you lived. If certain things were not accepted or accepted beforehand, then this can lead to frustration and negativity in old age.

    The parents therefore decide how often their children see their grandparents and whether this relationship is enriching or not. But mostly this is something very special and unique.

    Grandparents and Grandchildren: An Immortal Emotional Legacy

    Grandma child

    The daily help from grandma and grandpa is a great relief for many parents. Grandparents’ responsibility is nothing new. Care for the smallest family members is shared in many generations .

    The legacy of grandparents not only enriches the grandchildren, but also gives many mothers and fathers new insights that they may not have known and that at the same time strengthen the relationship with their own parents.

    • Grandparents’ legacy is not just based on affection and emotions.

    Many grandparents have  the gift of conveying values,  remnants of the past, memories of other generations, which help the children to understand the world and themselves better: They give the grandchildren their roots.

    • The grandparents’ joie de vivre, the pleasure of indulging in tenderness and caring for others, serves to teach the grandchildren what it means to “age with wisdom”.

    So you cannot let the advancing time approach you with fear, but calmly.

    • Within the family, the grandparents usually take on  the role of a calm sea, they know strategies for eliminating tensions and disagreements or misunderstandings.
    • Raising a child is never easy. Some stages of life are complicated; the grandparents have already lived through many different situations and experiences with their own children.

    Even if the circumstances are different, the essence is always the same:  children who want to be independent, children in need of attention, children with tantrums who make mistakes …

    Without a doubt , grandparents can give advice on parenting without getting involved.

    The grandchildren fill their grandparents with light and joy, and that has always been the case, too.

    Light in life

    At an advanced age, when the moments of life are lived with illusion and energy  , children can help to cheer grandma and grandpa with tasks  and enjoy life with continuity and hope.


    The grandparents do not want to take on a parenting role,  but rather share intense and enriching emotions with their grandchildren, without pressure and without obligations.

    We shouldn’t forget  to respect grandparents’ independence.  They too have the right to organize their free time and pursue their interests, which is very important.

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