Hair Loss Due To Stress: Discover These Essential Oils

Our emotions, our psyche lead to changes in the organism and in the scalp, so that hair falls out more easily.

Hair loss due to stress: discover these essential oils

Stress is one of the greatest enemies of our health, it has a detrimental effect on a large number of organ systems. One of the most well-known effects that stress has on our body is undoubtedly nervous hair loss due to stress.

Our emotions, our psyche lead to changes in the organism and in the scalp, so that the hair falls out more easily. This type of hair loss is anything but rare in our society due to the often high levels of stress.

For your comfort, however, it can be said that this is usually a temporary problem and that normal hair growth can be regained if certain advice is followed.

This includes dealing with stress sensibly and using simple home remedies can also be of great benefit to you.

So on our blog today we’re talking about the best essential oils to regenerate your hair when you suffer from stress-related hair loss .

Hair loss due to stress

Hair loss

It is known that 70% of the female population suffer from this phenomenon at some point. We often go through phases in which we are under great stress, and the fear and worry then bring our organism out of balance.

The hair is no longer supplied with the necessary nutrients, the hair roots are weakened and the hair then falls out as a result.

The hair is exposed to different levels of stress in different scenarios:

  • Internal stress: It has its causes in exhaustion, too long working hours, worries, lack of sleep and hormonal fluctuations.
  • External stress: Every day we expose our hair to a variety of stress factors that can cause hair loss. Do you know what we’re talking about? From the sun, air pollution, but also from hair dye, straightening irons and hair dryers. All of these things put a strain on the hair and break it, the hair roots literally suffocate under them.

The best essential oils for hair care

Hair treatments based on essential oils are ideal for hair care and effectively support us in the fight against stress-related hair loss. They supply the hair with nutrients, stimulate its growth and promote the health of the hair roots and the scalp.

In order to benefit from these effects, they must be distributed to the scalp and hair with gentle massages.

If you use them regularly, you will see your hair grow back piece by piece and you will get your healthy hair back. So don’t wait any longer and get these oils from health food stores or drugstores, for example.

They are not expensive and can be used in a variety of ways. The purchase is definitely worth the effort and money.

Here we go.

1. Rosehip and olive essential oils

rose hip

Rose hip oil is available in health food stores. It’s also used for skin care, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding it. And what do we need it for? Rosehip oil is known for its skin-regenerating properties.

It is rich in vitamins and minerals, provides the skin and scalp with nutrients, heals, stimulates hair growth and gives vitality.

  • In order to benefit from its effects, we mix 20 ml of rosehip essential oil with 60 ml of olive oil in a glass jar . The mixture is then shaken vigorously so that the two oils mix well.
  • First we wash our hair with lukewarm, almost cold water. Then we apply the previously prepared hair treatment and distribute some oil over the scalp with a gentle massage. We let it work for 5 minutes and then wash our hair as normal.
  • Ideally, this treatment is carried out 3 times a week. An ideal remedy for hair loss.

2. Rosemary and Thyme Essential Oil


The combination of essential oil of rosemary with that of thyme results in a well-known, effective remedy for hair loss.

The two oils are also available in health food stores and you can even make them at home. Be that as it may, these are inexpensive oils that can be used to nourish and regenerate the hair roots.

What you have to do:

  • Wet your hair with fresh water.
  • Mix 30 ml of rosemary essential oil with 30 ml of thyme essential oil in a jar  to distribute the finished mixture through the hair.
  • Spread the oil well with a massage and make sure that it reaches the entire scalp. Let it sit for 5 minutes before washing your hair normally .
  • This treatment is also carried out 3 times a week.

3. Coconut and cedar essential oils

Coconut oil

We love coconut essential oil. We have told you many times about how we can make use of coconut oil, so you probably already have it in your cosmetics cabinet.

Coconut oil is suitable for the treatment of the skin, for the prophylaxis and therapy of acne and also for combating hair loss.

If you combine coconut oil with essential cedar oil, we get an excellent remedy that helps us to have healthy, strong hair even in times of stress and worries . And how do we best use it? So:

  • Again, the oily hair treatment is distributed in damp hair. It is important to dampen the hair with cold water beforehand. After moistening with warm water, the essential oils may not work as well.
  • Mix 30 ml coconut essential oil with 30 ml cedar essential oil in a suitable container. Make sure that the two oils are well mixed together before you apply the oil to your hair. Massage the scalp extensively and thoroughly so that you supply the hair roots and hair with the necessary nutrients. After a 5-minute exposure time, wash your hair normally and finally condition it with a hair conditioner.

You will see your hair grow back inch by inch. Choose the oils that you like best or that are easiest to get hold of.

A regular application is important to counteract in any case to stress-induced hair loss. Don’t forget to eliminate the cause and reduce your psychological stress.

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