Heart Attack Prevention: The Best Sports

Exercise is generally very important to prevent heart attacks and to maintain the quality of life. Today you will find out which sports are particularly good!

Heart attack prevention: the best sports

Would you like to know which sports are particularly suitable for preventing heart attacks, avoiding obesity and improving the breathing system?

Aerobic exercise is essential for a healthy, strong heart. 

Then you will learn more about it.

Exercise and Heart Health

Exercise is generally good for your health, this is nothing new.

But there are certain  sports that are better than others for promoting heart health. 

Exercise has the ability to reduce the risk of heart attack , aortic regurgitation, high blood pressure, etc.

Through moderate exercise, we can also gradually change our lifestyle and distance ourselves from the danger of various ailments or diseases.

Interval training is particularly effective in preventing cardiovascular disease.

This is a training method with alternating stress and recovery phases. This can provide many general health, heart, and metabolic benefits.

Interval training is mostly done outdoors and has a playful character, which means that it’s not about competition, but about fun.

Many muscle groups are moved and you can also  achieve many advantages on an emotional and social level.

Which sports are particularly effective in preventing heart attacks?

Couple in nature running against heart attack

All the sports that we will mention below have extremely positive effects on health, improve cardiorespiratory resistance and muscle strength.

The following sports help to reduce the risk of heart disease and, consequently, a heart attack:


Not only tennis, but also other similar sports such as padel tennis, squash, badminton or table tennis fall into this group and are highly recommended.

  • These disciplines can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases: They  lower blood pressure and improve heart function. 
  • You can do tennis and other sports at high intensity and rest intervals.
  • Due to the high energy consumption, you can control your weight and improve muscle functions at the same time. This sport is also recommended for diabetics and overweight people.


Walking against heart attack

This is moderate-intensity exercise that is excellent for preventing heart attacks. We also recommend hiking if you have already had a heart attack.

  • Hiking improves heart health by allowing more blood to flow in with each heartbeat.
  • When walking  , the transport of oxygen and nutrients is improved.
  • This also promotes the health of the blood vessels and facilitates the return flow to the heart or lungs. This can also improve deep breathing.
  • In order to benefit from the advantages  , it is advisable to hike in the great outdoors, regardless of the season or the nature of  the soil.


Undoubtedly, this is one of the most complete sports that is highly recommended for heart health too.

This will work your muscles. Neuromuscular coordination is also developed.

You can regulate blood pressure by swimming, which is good for heart health.

But that’s not all:  swimming increases energy consumption, improves the level of fat in the blood (reduces cholesterol) and also helps you lose  weight.

This sport also has the advantage of being very gentle on the joints. You can therefore benefit from swimming at any age.

From the age of 40, it is particularly recommended to prevent a heart attack. 

To ski

Skiing against heart attacks

This sport is often classified as dangerous, so many think that it is only suitable for young or athletic people.

But don’t forget that your heart can benefit greatly from this.

Cross-country skiing, for example, has various advantages for the cardiovascular system, as it requires a considerable amount of aerobic energy.

You can significantly improve the size of the heart, heart rate, blood pressure, circulation and blood volume by skiing.


  • All aerobic exercise is good for heart health and also improves neuromuscular coordination.
  • Dancing, aerobics or other forms of exercise ensure a balanced weight (you can burn up to 260 calories in half an hour with moderate activity).
  • These sports are very entertaining and  also work against stress! 

There is no need to take classes in an academy or fitness center, you can dance to your favorite music at home.

To go biking

Cycling against heart attack

Cycling is an excellent sport for people looking to prevent or have had a heart attack.

If you exercise regularly and consider the right intensity, you can get your leg muscles, buttocks and hips going.

In addition, you can reduce the risk of a heart attack,  balance blood pressure, lower cholesterol and also reduce  the risk of thrombosis.

Other advantages of this sport are:

  • Better insulin sensitivity,
  • increased production of hormones that improve mood and reduce stress and
  • Prevention against osteoarthritis and herniated discs.

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