How Can You Prevent Crow’s Feet?

It is possible to prevent the premature development of crow’s feet with simple behavioral measures. It just has to be on time.

How can you prevent crow's feet?

Everyone gets crow’s feet at some point, but it depends entirely on your own behavior when it starts. Of course, smoking plays a big role, but there are many other factors that cause crow’s feet. In this article, you will find out how you can prevent crow’s feet from appearing around your eyes too soon. 

How do crow’s feet arise?

The so-called crow’s feet are small wrinkles on the outer corners of the eyes that look like real crow’s feet.

At first, crow’s feet only appear when the muscles are tense, especially when the eyes are “squinting” when they are glare, laughing or ametropia. As the skin loses its elasticity, i.e. with increasing age, these wrinkles remain as visible lines on the face.

The following have a positive effect on the development of these wrinkles:

  • UV radiation
  • Smoke
  • Ametropia without correction
  • alcohol
  • Malnutrition

You see, you can influence many of these factors yourself. Once the crow’s feet are there, no herb or miracle cure has grown, but there are a few tips and tricks on how they can arise more slowly or later or how they can be visually softened. At some point, however, despite all your efforts, they will still be there.

How can you prevent crow’s feet?

Protection against UV radiation

The UV radiation from the sun causes the skin to age and wrinkles appear. If you spend a lot of time outside without sun protection, your skin ages faster. The day cream should therefore always contain UV protection, because even when the weather is overcast, even more UV rays penetrate the thick cloud cover than is good for our skin!

Also a good pair of sunglasses to protect against harmful UV rays. So pay attention when buying – it is good for the eye and can prevent crow’s feet!

Eyewear and sunglasses

If you keep squinting your eyes, you shouldn’t be surprised at crow’s feet. Sunglasses or glasses to correct the ametropia help to reduce the constant squinting of the eyes and strained blinking. But only if you wear them and don’t put them decoratively in your hair!

Relax your eyes

The circular muscles, which make our eyes squint, can also become tense, for example from strenuous work on the screen. You screw up your eyes even though there is no real reason for it. Stress is the most common contributing factor to this muscle tension.

A soothing massage around the eyes provides relief. To do this, gently tap and stroke around the eye with warm hands. Not too tight! This massage stimulates the blood circulation in the muscles and skin and helps to relax the muscles and to smooth crow’s feet caused by tension.

Prevent crow’s feet with rich skin care

Dry skin leads to wrinkles from dryness that make crow’s feet even more intense. It is therefore important to provide the skin with sufficient moisture not only from the inside but also from the outside.

The older you get, the richer the face cream should be. A nourishing eye cream is then useful.

Pure vegetable oils that are gently massaged in around the eyes have a particularly caring effect. The precious, Moroccan argan oil, for example, is ideal for this.

A face mask is also a good way to provide the skin with extra care. In the kitchen there are many home remedies that can be used to make such masks: Avocado, for example, but also the famous cucumber slices bring moisture to the skin.

First aid against eye wrinkles

If you are so bothered by the wrinkles around the eyes that you want to magically remove them for an important date, photos or for your own well-being for a few hours, there are two little tricks that can make these wrinkles disappear or lessen for a short time:

  • Steam
  • Make up

You don’t need a lot to supply the skin with moisture from the outside: For the “quick facial sauna in between”, simply put hot water in a bowl and hold your face in the rising steam. The muscles relax and wrinkles are minimized in two ways.

When applying make-up, make sure that neither makeup nor powder settles in the wrinkles and thereby emphasizes them! Some concealers also dry out the skin and thus intensify such wrinkles.

A good foundation or BB or CC cream with light reflective particles is a good idea.

The best first aid against wrinkles of all kinds, however, is to accept wrinkles as “character traits”, to stand by your age and appearance and not to make yourself dependent on your own reflection.

Those who rest in themselves and are satisfied with themselves also radiate that and that is 10 times better than a wrinkle-free face!

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