How Can You Reduce Calories?

Did you know that a lack of sleep can cause you to gain weight because it prevents the saturation signal from reaching the brain? Insufficient sleep also stimulates appetite!

How can you reduce calories?

It is well known that calories, bad lifestyle habits and lack of exercise lead to obesity. Reducing calories is therefore crucial in order to maintain or lose the ideal weight and feel healthy.

When following a weight loss diet, it is important to control your daily calorie consumption and to know how many calories are necessary for your health. Anything above it is converted into fat and leads to weight gain.

Nutrition experts point out that to lose weight successfully, you need to cut 500 calories a day  . But this is not only achieved by eating less; daily exercise and a balanced diet are particularly important.

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Reducing calories: methods

To sleep well

Weight also depends on the number of hours you sleep each day. Insufficient sleep causes the increased production of a hormone that stimulates appetite and blocks the signals that the brain is feeling full.

The more hours you sleep, the less hungry you will be. Other health benefits include, for example, that you will start the day with more energy, you will be less susceptible to illness, will be in a better mood and will also suffer less from stress.

Try to stick to regular sleep times.

Drink plenty of water

Three liters of water a day help improve fat metabolism and fill the stomach, so your hunger will not be so great. This doesn’t mean that you should only drink water, but better than french fries or chocolate is to fill your stomach with water.

This way, pollutants are excreted more easily and constipation is prevented. Your skin will also shine more beautifully. If you have a glass of cold water 15 minutes before meals, you will reduce cravings and reduce calories while eating.

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Less sugar

Many processed foods contain sugar, which is not good for our health. Sugar consumption should be restricted as much as possible, this is not only recommended for weight loss, the skin and teeth, for example, will also benefit from it.

Each scoop of refined sugar is 20 calories plus more inuslin, a hormone that promotes fat buildup.

More fruits and vegetables

Daily consumption of fruits and vegetables brings numerous health benefits. We recommend 5 servings of fruit and vegetables daily. Both are low in calories and can replace other, unhealthy foods at the same time.

For example, an apple is recommended as a snack instead of a chocolate cake or a cream cake. Fruit and vegetables provide the organism with valuable vitamins, minerals, fiber, water and trace elements.


Sufficient exercise

Exercise is especially important if you want to lose weight successfully. Excess fats are broken down in the process. There is no need to go to the gym: walking fast, running or cycling, swimming, etc. will keep you just as fit.

We recommend that you exercise at least 30 minutes a day for good results. It is best to alternate with the types of sport or exercise so that all muscles are trained.

Choose low-fat foods

You can include low-fat dairy products (low-fat quark, natural yoghurt, cream cheese, etc.), lean meat (skinless chicken or turkey, beef fillet …), poultry slices or fat-free broths in your daily nutrition plan.

Meat can also be replaced with fish or eggs  (three times a week) .

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Reduce calories with a few sauces and marinades

Marinades made from olive oil, sunflower or corn oil can be used in moderation without any problems, they are healthy and also provide the organism with energy. However, you should refrain from using fatty marinades and sauces.

Low-fat sauces with tomatoes, peppers or possibly a mayonnaise stretched with yogurt or vegetables are best. If you are making the sauces yourself, use as little oil as possible.

Correct preparation of the food

There are many preparation options that require little fat. Simply fry meat, fish or some vegetables briefly.

Another option is to wrap vegetables such as potatoes or fish in aluminum foil and cook them in them. Steamed, boiled, or oven-baked foods are also recommended.

Avoid fried foods

You can treat yourself to something fried once a week, but more often it is not advisable. When breading, it is advisable to add a spoonful of water per egg, so less fat is absorbed. Finally, remove excess fat with kitchen paper.

When making broths or stews, it is a good idea to remove the skin and any visible fat from the meat before cooking. This is how you can reduce calories.

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