How Your Hair Grows Faster

Adequate fluids are not only important for general health but also for hair growth. We recommend at least two liters of water a day.

How your hair grows faster

In this post you will find various very simple tips to make your hair  grow faster and healthier. We present different methods, but they are not equally effective for everyone. The best thing to do is to find out for yourself which home remedy works best for you.

This is how you can promote hair growth

After a visit to the hairdresser that did not produce the desired results or for other reasons, you sometimes wish your hair would grow faster. Then you will find various tips:

Trim your hair more often

If you cut the ends of your hair regularly, you can encourage hair growth, because split ends do exactly the opposite. You can also pay attention to the phases of the moon, as the moon is waxing, the hair should grow faster.

Cut hair

Massage your scalp

You can either massage your scalp yourself or have it done by your partner or at the beauty salon.

Simply put a few drops of essential oil (or olive oil, if nothing else is on hand) on your fingertips and massage your scalp with it for a few minutes. Another alternative is baby oil. The scalp is better moisturized and the hair grows faster again.

Egg white

The proteins and nutrients in the egg are ideal for stimulating hair growth, especially when other agents are no longer helping. The  egg white contains many vitamins, which can improve the general condition of the hair.

Whisk two egg whites together and massage them onto the scalp. After 10 minutes of action, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water and then rinse the hair as usual. This makes the hair shinier and healthier.


Drink more water

It is important to drink enough fluids daily; at least two liters of water are recommended, and even three liters if it is particularly hot. With this simple method we can do a lot of good for our organism.

The organs are supplied with moisture, as are the skin and hair. If you don’t like water that much, you can drink cold herbal tea or smoothies instead.

Brush your hair

After washing your hair, let your hair dry and then brush from the scalp to the tips for a few minutes.

The scalp is better supplied with blood and the hair follicles are stimulated. Don’t overdo it, however – a few minutes once or twice a day is sufficient.

Hairdryers and hair straighteners are taboo

It is better to avoid a blow dryer and straightener (unless it is cold or wet outside) or at least reduce the use  if you want to accelerate your hair growth.

hair straightener

The birth control pill

Even if this method is used by many women, the effect is questionable. To do this, four to five pills are crushed and mixed into the shampoo. This should make hair grow faster and also look more beautiful and healthier.

Braid your hair before bed

Braid your hair in a braid before bed. If your hair is very short, just braid two or three smaller braids.

The hair should be wet (after washing your hair it is therefore perfect). Then go to sleep with this hairstyle and comb your hair vigorously in the morning. Repeat this procedure every day for a week.

Essential oils

Grapeseed oil is ideal for stimulating hair growth. All you have to do is massage a few drops onto the scalp in circular movements, which stimulates the hair follicles.

Another option is coconut oil, which also ensures beautiful, shiny, healthy and long hair. Massage some warm coconut oil onto your scalp and repeat this process once a week. Pay attention to any skin reactions.

A third option is rosemary oil. This medicinal plant is great for hair follicle health. Warm up two tablespoons of dry rosemary leaves and half a cup of olive oil, but do not bring to a boil. Then let it cool down and steep for two days.

Sieve off the oil and store it in a glass container with a lid. Massage the rosemary oil onto the scalp after washing.

Potato water


Potatoes – or potato juice – are ideal for stimulating hair growth and they are also very healthy. Potato juice is also helpful against brittle hair.

It provides many vitamins, especially B vitamins. Simply boil two potatoes with their skin on in one liter of water, let them cool and then use the boiling water as a hair conditioner after washing your hair.

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