I Love A Married Man – What To Do?

Getting caught in the middle of an existing marriage can have serious emotional and familial consequences. In this article, we will explain these consequences to you and give you some suggestions at the same time. Various circumstances make you listen to your heart instead of following reason, and you may fall in love with a married man.

I love a married man - what to do

The love of your life should ideally be single and able to give you the stability and time you deserve. However, the statement I love a married man ” is often heard among young women.

In this article we will show you which factors have an influence and how you can overcome the precarious situation.

We all know that the heart is not easy to control and our emotions determine almost every situation in our life. You cannot undo what happened, but you can change your fate if you act wisely with your clear mind.

Many women have their eyes on a forgiven man at some point in their lives. Maybe you just feel really good when you are with him. The problem, however, is when you lose control of your willpower, self-esteem, and freedom.

Why do I love a married man?

Love for a married man often brings problems

There are many reasons women are attracted to married men. Below we list some of the factors that can help you settle for a relationship in which you are the beloved:

  • Low self-esteem : You feel emotionally demoralized or unmotivated and see “something” in the person that fills this gap.
  • Idealization : He has an attractive personality, is most likely much older than you, and has achieved an academic or social status that is worthy of admiration. He’s just very successful.
  • Compassion : Things like “I feel misunderstood” , “We are having a failed marriage” or “If I had met you before…” can touch your heart and so you decide to put the lifeline for this “poor man” on be.
  • Expectations : You don’t have a defined life plan and you are enchanted by the projects he presents to you while he “finds the right time to fix the problems”.
  • Loneliness : You long for company, your children are probably all grown up, your economic situation is stable, you have had bad experiences and don’t want a serious commitment.
  • Personality : You feel the adrenaline because you are doing something you shouldn’t be doing. At the same time, you see the relationship as a game in which you have to fight for first place. You are drawn to risk.

    I love a married man: the consequences

    As a lover, you quickly feel the consequences of loving a married man

    Unfortunately, when you love a married man and accept everything that comes with it, that brings with it a few things that mean bad news.

    • You always play second fiddle. In his social life you will lead a shadowy existence and be an insignificant figure on special dates.
    • You will also waste precious time meeting him, falling in love, listening to his promises, and ultimately trying to forget him.
    • A loved one is unlikely to support your decision to be with a married man. This in turn means sleepless nights, lots of tears, anger, loneliness and isolation.
    • When the truth emerges, you can lose the trust of important family and friends, and your reputation will be irreversibly damaged.
    • In the unlikely event that he stays with you, you will always be considered the person who ruined a marriage. If he is unfaithful, however, you should understand the other woman too, since you were once him in her position.

    I love a married man – what to do

    Rely on friends when you end your relationship with a married man

    You fell in love with a married man, but you can’t turn back time and you don’t want to waste time in this vicious cycle. You are filled with frustrated love, anger, guilt, emptiness, loneliness, and isolation.

    How do you fix this situation?

    • Analyze how you feel, where you are going and where and how you see yourself in five years. Do you want this for yourself?
    • Stop talking to him and avoid situations and places where you can see him.
    • Cry until you run out of tears. It is better to suffer a little now than to condemn yourself to a lifetime of suffering.
    • Talk to your good friends who can comfort you and give you advice. Two or more heads are better than just one. Also, seek professional help if possible.
    • Think about your personal goals and focus on new life projects.
    • Expand your social circle, meet up with your friends more often and remember that there are many more fish in the sea.

    Love is supposed to make us happier, but the phrase “I love a married man” is unlikely to make you happy .

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