Ideas To Recycle Leftover Material

Leftover material is far too good to dispose of. We have lots of ideas for you how you can use them sensibly!

Ideas to recycle leftovers

Those who like to sew will surely have a lot of  leftover fabric that is far too beautiful to be disposed of unused. Most of the time, however, they are much too small to be able to sew something “right” out of them and so they often stay where they are. We have ideas on how you can use them!

Do not throw away any scraps of fabric!

With every sewing project, there is leftover material : waste, over-bought material or abandoned ideas and projects. It hurts to throw these scraps of fabric into the shredder in the used clothes collection or in the general rubbish, because after all, the fabric cost money, you like it and is still good.

Today we have ideas for you on how you can use the leftovers you have collected in a meaningful way. Depending on the type of fabric and the size of the scraps, our ideas are not suitable for every scrap, but we are sure that you will enjoy one or the other idea and implement it as your next sewing project!

Use scraps of fabric

Covers and covers

Depending on the size of the fabric, you can use it to protect books or documents by sewing covers or covers.

How about sewing a small piece of scrap fabric into a cover for your maternity passport or passport? Or wrap a thick notebook or address book as a present ?

In any case, make sure that the passport or book with the cover or cover can still be closed properly.

Recycle scraps of fabric

Small pockets

Bags of any size are always needed : to store headphones or charging cables, to stow tampons, to pack handkerchiefs nicely, to protect the camera, to stow the collection of wet tissues, …

The more different the scraps of fabric, the easier it is to keep things tidy, because you know exactly which little bag you can find what.

You can use other leftovers to fasten the small bags: buttons from your button collection, leftover pieces of Velcro, press studs from sorted out laundry and also zippers that you can pull out of sorted out clothes.

Pin cushion

You can give yourself or another enthusiastic seamstress a pincushion. All you need is a kitchen sponge or bath sponge, which you cut to the desired shape and then cover with the scraps of fabric.


You can also cut patches from particularly beautiful scraps of fabric, which you can use to put on patches on the sleeves and pant legs. It doesn’t matter whether the pants or top really have a hole there or not: a beautiful fabric spices up every item of clothing on the elbows or knees and extends its durability.

Process scraps of fabric


Small scraps of fabric can be sewn into small figures with a little satin ribbon, cord or a thick wool thread, with which you can make pendants that match the season: rabbits, eggs and chickens in spring, flowers or butterflies in summer, colorful leaves in autumn or Christmas motifs in winter. Instead of expensive polyfill you can “butcher” a discarded pillow.


Cut out round or square surfaces from the leftovers, large enough to place a glass on. Either you use thick fabric that prevents stains on the table or tablecloth in one layer, or you sew reversible coasters from two layers of fabric. You can also sew in a layer of quilted lining.

Healthy jam recipe.

Jam jar lid

If you make jam yourself, you will surely give away some jars and probably reuse used jars.

In order to embellish these very different lids with misleading imprints (eg “dill pickles”), cut circles out of the fabric scraps and tie them around the lid with a pretty woolen thread, satin ribbon or string.


Moth protection

Sew small bags and fill in dried lavender flowers. Close the bags with a nice ribbon and place them in your closet between the laundry. The lavender scent keeps moths away. Knead the small bags from time to time to freshen up the lavender scent.

advent Calendar

Sew 24 small bags from various scraps of fabric, also of different sizes, and create your own personal Advent calendar. You can paint, embroider, iron or glue the numbers on.

Key chain

Sew small pockets for the shopping cart coin and attach them to a key ring. You already have practical key rings with a double function!

Of course, you can also sew small figures or make lanyards from longer scraps of fabric. Perhaps you also decorate the key rings with large buttons from the button collection?

Baby eats

Cloth flaps

Nowadays the handle goes very quickly to a damp cloth from the package, although a cloth cloth would be enough. Make sure that these damp cloths do not rot and also wreak havoc in the sewage treatment plant.

If you sew cloths from scraps of fabric, you can use them again and again – whether dry or damp, because you can simply wash them with the normal laundry. That saves the environment and your wallet.

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