Keeping The Fluid Balance In Balance – 6 Medicinal Plants

Both horsetail and cherry stalks promote urine production and consequently the excretion of harmful substances. In combination, the effect can be additionally increased and we can benefit from all the advantages.

Keeping the fluid balance in balance - 6 medicinal plants

Regularly cleansing and purifying our body is of the utmost importance for our health. The  fluid balance should be in balance.

In this way, accumulated toxins and harmful elements are broken down and, for example, you can prevent fluid retention, poor blood circulation, stretch marks or swollen legs.

In order to regulate the fluid balance , we should exercise every day, drink enough water and eat fresh food. Read on to get to know the six most important and powerful natural products that we should be using.

Fluid balance in balance

1. Fennel

Fennel not only has a pleasant aroma and a tasty taste, it also has the ability to promote fluid excretion. It improves our digestion and promotes the elimination of intestinal gases.

When you take fennel as a tea, excess fluid is broken down. For this reason, fennel tea is very popular with those with fluid retention or arthritis. It also helps in the elimination and reduction of lung secretions.

As already mentioned, fennel can be taken as a tea or used in salads. Excessive consumption can cause mild to severe discomfort, as fennel has very powerful properties.

A good option is to take fennel tea for three days and then stop using it. In the following days, as much water as possible should be drunk so that the effect is really effective.

2. Aloe Vera for the fluid balance

Aloe vera

Aloe Vera is one of the favorite products in natural medicine. This plant is very effective at breaking down fluids. It also stimulates the liver function as it is high in polisaccharides.

Polisaccharides remove the toxins deposited in the liver and tone them up. Here it is important to take aloe vera in the most natural way, as processed forms lose their effectiveness due to the additives they contain.

You can have a teaspoon of juice with a glass of water every morning to help your liver function better every day. Another option is to prepare a detox tea using a mixture of aloe vera, milk thistle, licorice and dandelion.

3. Green tea

Green tea has a variety of health-promoting properties. It contains chlorogenic acid and has a diuretic effect, so that the excretion of excess fluids is stimulated. Chlorogenic acid also makes digestion and the detoxification process easier.

Green tea can be taken in several forms, but the ideal would be to drink five cups of tea a day. Do not forget to use the recommended amount of water, otherwise the effect will be limited.

4. Pineapple for hydration

Pineapple contains a lot of water, is rich in fiber and at the same time low in calories. It has three enzymes that improve digestion and blood circulation in the body:  bromeline, extranase and pinanase.

This tropical fruit also promotes the detoxification of protein fibers and activates fatty tissue, two important components that cause cellulite. Pineapple is also high in potassium, which regulates the amount of fluid in the cells.

For this reason, we advise adding pineapple to your diet. This won’t be too difficult as its great taste makes it easy to combine with other foods.

5. Horsetail


This weed is used more and more as a natural remedy. With horsetail, the amount of urine can be increased by up to 30%. This helps our body eliminate toxins and makes kidney and prostate function easier.

Horsetail has been shown to reduce kidney deposits and increase the kidneys’ ability to filter.

6. Cherry stems

Cherries are not only incredibly delicious, they also have a special quality that not everyone knows. Cherry stalks are high in potassium salts, which can help excrete excess fluids and stimulate urine production.

Cherries promote the excretion of metabolites, so that one can reduce the feeling of heaviness in the legs. The effect of the cherry stalks increases when used together with horsetail.

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