Lizzie Velázquez, A Wonderful Woman

Even though there was a lot of ridicule about Lizzie Velázquez, she had the strength to look ahead. Now she is one of the most famous motivational speakers.

Lizzie Velázquez, a wonderful woman

Lizzie Velásquez was called the ugliest woman in the world, she was ridiculed and laughed at. Many have made life difficult for our protagonist today and tried to destroy her self-esteem.

Yet Lizzie is one of the best examples of beauty. Read on to find out more about this extraordinary woman.

She was bullied at school, demoted and ridiculed in front of the whole world on Youtube. A group of people tried to destroy her by posting  a video called “the ugliest woman in the world”. Sadly, this nefarious video has already seen over 1 million views.

Lizzie’s path wasn’t easy. She has had an unusual illness since she was born 26 years ago.

Lizzie can eat what she wants, her body is not able to accumulate fat, so she has to eat all the time and is still extremely thin. In addition, she is blind in one eye, which creates further difficulties for her.


Even if her appearance is not up to standard, her heart is exceptional and admirable. After the video with the terrible title was released, the world fell apart for her. She cried her eyes out and everything around her collapsed.

In those moments of uncertainty, everything was over for her. It’s heartbreaking to hear Lizzie tell her story: in comments on the video posted, she was advised to do the world a favor and take her own life.

How far can cruelty go from us humans?

Lizzie turned her weakness into her strength

Impotent, sad and defenseless, Lizzie realized that there had to be a reason for her life. You cannot fight fire with fire. If something is bad, you cannot fight it with negative feelings, otherwise the negative wins.

Because of this, Lizzie changed her goals and began to fight for them. She had to tell the world what happened, her story and how she faced her fate.


Lizzie, a mocked, bullied and despised woman, has managed to forge her triumph out of her suffering. With her story and her words, she invites us to deeply reflect. She explains that her illness was her blessing to find the meaning of her life in it.

Stop looking and start learning

Lizzie simply turned the situation around and showed the world the key to vital development so everyone can learn from it.

She made the way out of her problem and taught us all that we ourselves have the reins of our lives in our own hands. This is how she has become one of the best-known and most experienced motivational speakers.

She has an admirable ability to convey her thoughts and feelings with words and fills the hall with magic. It gives us strength to overcome obstacles and to set our own physical and emotional limits.

Because everything is possible if we ourselves leave our problems behind, step by step, through willpower.


What we can learn from Lizzie

Changing our life or perceived reality requires different guidelines or a script to help. Lizzie shows us from her own experience how we can reorient our lives:

  • Keep looking for your goal until you find it. Lizzie advises never to stop dreaming. But it is important not to do this in front of those who do not believe in you and are trying to hinder your goals. Do not be afraid of dreams and the search for goals. Once you are ready, use them as best you can before you start looking for new goals again. Everything in life has a reason.
  • Observe and unlearn to stimulate your self-image. Analyze your values, face your limits and obstacles, everything that slows you down and prevents your dreams from being achieved. The struggle is important in life in order to grow. For Lizzie her successes are the best “revenge”.
  • Maintain a healthy self-image. You are worth more than what others give you or believe of you.

Put this advice into practice!

  • Continually renew your compromise about your goals. Trust is fragile, a single moment is enough to destroy things for which you have worked for years. Maintain your trust, think twice before destroying yourself.
  • All life has a value. All of us, no matter what stage of life we ​​are in, must realize that all of our actions have an invaluable impact on the lives of others. We must behave accordingly.
  • Don’t reject changes. Find them, adore them, appreciate them. Change is the tireless goal that allows us to constantly restructure our self-limiting beliefs. The change shows us what we are capable of and what not.
  • Learn new things about yourself and your surroundings. Change your shoes, change your vision, because everything you’ve done so far has brought you this far. However, in order to move forward, it may be necessary to take off your habitual glasses.
  • Be grateful and choose to be happy. Whatever happens, be grateful for every day, for every gesture and every new opportunity. Live the life, there is only one.

Then  we invite you to watch Lizzie’s moving video  in which she tells her story:

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