Maritime Decoration: 4 Ideas

Decorating with the colors of the sea never goes out of style. It’s a relaxing, nostalgic and at the same time cozy style. We then have a few tips for you to use to decorate your home with maritime objects. 

Maritime decoration: 4 ideas

Especially when summer approaches, we think of the beautiful moments at the sea and on the beach. But you can benefit from it all year round by using  maritime decorations to decorate  your home.

The maritime decoration is particularly popular in second homes by the sea. But there shouldn’t be any restrictions, because it has its place in every home and never goes out of style.

The upside is  that it is a relaxing, nostalgic and very cozy style. Read on to find out more about our decorating ideas. 

Maritime decoration: the basics

The color

Maritime decoration
Blue and white striped objects should not be missing. It is the classic color combination for maritime decoration.

The colors blue and white are classics in maritime decoration. Blue can be used in all shades: from sky blue to an intense indigo blue, everything is allowed. 

This color conveys the calm and depth of the sea. The white can also vary in its color tones: You can achieve different effects with eggshell white, sand color or an intensely luminous white.

Although these two colors are very typical of the marine style, there are also other color options that you can use as a supplement:  For example, cedar wood, fog green, gray or red bring a little more color into play. Everyone has to decide for themselves how they prefer to combine these colors in order to achieve the desired result.

Not only the colors of the furniture should combine  well, the textiles and accessories must also be selected accordingly. In addition, the color of the walls is essential to achieve a maritime flair.

If you paint the walls in the colors mentioned, you can achieve a calm ambience that is reminiscent of the vastness and purity of the sea.

Maritime decoration: materials

The choice of materials is also very important for the perfect maritime decoration. Wood should definitely not be missing, because it creates a warm, cozy ambience. 

If you want to decorate an entire room with a maritime theme, a wooden floor is also ideal. In addition, a wooden ceiling or wooden walls create a great atmosphere. A wooden frieze or other decorative elements are also wonderful.

Light colors are preferable for this decoration. For example, you can paint the wood white. Table, chairs and all other furniture should be made of wood to match.

Decorative objects

maritime decoration
Decorative elements that remind you of the sea and the beach should not be missing!
Every single detail is important to create an atmosphere that reminds us of the sea and the beach.  There are various elements that are very typical for this and give the room a very special flair: fishing knots, anchors, fish, boats, shells, a starfish and many other options can decorate your home.  With it you will always remember the calming and intoxicating sea water that you enjoy so much on vacation. It is also important to choose the right textiles:

Cushions, carpets, tablecloths, napkins and other elements with blue and white stripes should not be missing to complement the maritime decoration.

Matching dishes in blue and white are also perfect. Complete the maritime decoration with vases, candles and lamps in a matching color. They can be blue and white, or made from natural materials that remind us of the sea. Ropes and shells are very versatile and can also be used here.

If you need even more decorative elements, the  following are also recommended:  life tires, sea sticks, an astrolabe or bottles filled with sand.

It can be used items,  because this gives the room a very special flair. You can browse antique fairs, markets, or even online to find the right items.

Natural light: the more, the better!

Light is essential to reflect the cheerful, bright atmosphere by the sea. The maritime decoration needs sufficient brightness to be effective! This also makes the room appear larger and more natural.

Enjoy yourself in this maritime atmosphere!

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