Medicinal Herbs Against An Increased Uric Acid Level

In order to keep the uric acid level constant, the diet must be controlled. Various teas, such as artichoke or milk thistle tea, are also advisable to drain excess uric acid.

Medicinal herbs against increased uric acid levels

Elevated uric acid levels are a common problem. The reasons for this are often bad habits and also an unhealthy diet, which lead to these metabolic wastes in the blood.

In the following article you will learn more about medicinal plants that are recommended for high uric acid levels .

Medicinal plants to reduce uric acid levels

uric acid

Uric acid in the body is quite normal, but if too much builds up it can cause serious problems. An unhealthy diet can lead to the formation of purines, which are wastes that result from the decomposition of meat, coffee and alcoholic beverages.

What are the consequences if the uric acid level is increased? Increased levels can lead to gout, pain in the joints and inflammation. The risk of having kidney or liver stones also increases.

Uric acid can also lead to an increased pH value in the blood,  which in turn can lead to organ problems, weakened immune systems, fatigue, illnesses, broken bones, etc.

How can you reduce uric acid levels to prevent problems? Avoid consuming red meat, animal protein, fat, sausage products, alcohol, refined flour, salt, sugar and  carbonated drinks etc.

Eat more healthy foods like vegetables, fruits, whole grains etc. The consumption of oats, strawberries and citrus fruits (lemon, grapefruit and orange) is ideal. There are also excellent medicinal plants that can help you.

Of course, these shouldn’t replace your medication, but they make a good addition. You can drink these herbs as tea every day to cleanse the blood. In the following article we will explain which herbs are particularly suitable.

1. Diuretic plants that eliminate purines

Lion number

Horsetail, dandelion, and artichoke tea will help reduce fluid buildup, rid your body of toxins, and purify the blood and lymph glands.

These plants also have excellent diuretic properties. When more urine is produced, the purines can be excreted. So these teas will help you cleanse the body.

We advise you to take a cup of the mentioned teas with the main meals. You can choose the tea that you like the most, as they are all ideal for reducing uric acid levels.

2. The protective effect of milk thistle

Milk thistle

Surely you know the many positive properties of milk thistle. It protects the liver and also supports all functions of this organ. The purification, the formation of proteins and the conversion of urea-ammonia.

Milk thistle provides many antioxidants that aid in the elimination of purines. This is then excess protein that accumulates in the body.

Start the day with a milk thistle tea. You can find this plant in natural health stores, it tastes very tasty.

3. The root of the devil’s claw to reduce inflammation


This tea is less well known. Still, it is worth writing down the name of this therapeutic root. It is ideal for complaints caused by increased uric acid levels.

Devil’s Claw directly affects muscles and joints, relieving inflammation and other effects of uric acid. If you already have gout, this root will help you a lot.

It reduces pain and improves joint mobility. You can also find this remedy in natural health stores.

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