Milk Thistle: A Plant With Incredible Benefits

Milk thistle is a popular medicinal product that has various beneficial properties. You can find out more about it here.

Milk thistle: a plant with incredible benefits

The milk thistle (Cardus marianus) is a one to biennial plant that is particularly widespread in the Mediterranean region. However, it can also be found in Asia, India, and Siberia, and has established itself as an invasive plant in North and South America and Australia.

The flavonoid silymarin stabilizes the lipid structures of the liver cell membranes and thus prevents harmful substances from penetrating the liver cells.

At the same time, the milk thistle helps to filter harmful substances from the blood that do not even get into the liver.


Milk thistle is also recommended for patients being treated with chemotherapy to prevent liver damage.

As already mentioned, silymarin is not soluble in water, so tea makes little sense. Capsules or tablets are best.

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