Natural Cleaning Agents For Stoves And Microwaves

Do you also like to use natural cleaning agents? Then you are right here! Because in this article you will find out how you can easily make your stove and microwave shine again using environmentally friendly means.

Natural detergents for stoves and microwaves

In contrast to other rooms in the house, when cleaning the kitchen, some specific knowledge is required for the correct treatment of the appliances located there. The task of cleaning the stove and microwave can be a bit complicated. But it’s easy with the following strategies! You also use completely natural cleaning agents !

It’s clear: the stove just keeps getting dirty when you’re cooking. Either there are splashes of oil or sauce, or leftovers always stick. And it is very similar with the microwave.

Both are devices that are exposed to quite a bit of pollution every day. Therefore, the following tips will surely be useful to you!

Cleaning tips: Natural cleaning agents for stoves and microwaves

Here are some really handy tips on how to easily clean your stove and microwave. The best part is that you are using natural detergents , so you don’t need expensive chemical products.

Tips for cleaning the stove

First of all: just hot water

When the stove is soiled with grease, there is nothing more effective than hot water for cleaning. So heat some water in a saucepan and then spread it over the dirty surface.

You don’t need a lot of water to do this. Because in this way only the stuck-on dirt should loosen and soften a little.

After a few minutes you can then continue with your usual cleaning procedure. Depending on the surface, you can use a soft sponge or a steel sponge.

Bicarbonate and lemon

These natural ingredients can both make excellent stovetop and microwave cleaning helpers. In this case, however, we focus primarily on the former of the two.

What do you need?

  • 3 or 4 tablespoons of bicarbonate (27 or 36 g)
  • Juice of 2 or 3 lemons

Note: The quantities vary depending on the degree of soiling of the surface.

What do you have to do?

  • First you mix the two ingredients together. You will see that a kind of paste forms. This foams a little at first.
  • Once the bubbles stop forming, apply the liquid to the stained surface of the stove. Then you let the whole thing work for a while.
  • Then you take a sponge – preferably a steel sponge if the surface allows it – and scrub with it to loosen the dirt. Finally, wipe again with a cloth and plenty of water to remove the remains.

Natural detergents: alcohol and cotton ball

Natural detergents for the stove

Did you know that alcohol is another natural remedy that can help you clean your stove and microwave?

  • To clean it up, soak a cotton ball in alcohol. Then you wipe it over the dirty surface.
  • After a few minutes of exposure, you go over the surface again, but this time with a toothbrush that you have also soaked in alcohol beforehand.
  • Finally, wipe everything off with a dry cloth. This is how you can remove any residue.

Tips for cleaning the microwave

With water and lemon

This trick is really very simple, but at the same time very useful.

What do you need?

  • Juice of 1 slice of lemon
  • 1 glass of water (200 ml)
  • 1 leaf of parsley or 1 teaspoon of bicarbonate (4g) (optional)

What do you have to do?

  • First you put a slice of lemon in a glass of water. Or you can squeeze the juice of the lemon wedge into the water. You can also add a leaf of parsley or a teaspoon of bicarbonate. Now put the glass in the microwave.
  • Now turn on the device for a few minutes on a high level. The exact duration depends on each microwave. There should be water vapor that settles on the inner walls of the device. So you should be able to see the microwave window steam up.

When the time comes, you open the door and carefully remove the glass. Be careful, it can be hot! To complete the process, all you need to do is wipe the entire inside of the microwave with a kitchen towel.

Then the device should be completely clean again – and smell good too!

Natural detergents: use of bicarbonate

Woman cleans microwave

Just like the tip just mentioned, this one is also very effective and quick.

  • Simply put a tablespoon of bicarbonate (9 g) on ​​a damp sponge. Then you wipe the inside of the microwave with this one.
  • Then wipe the inside walls with a rag and plenty of water. Finally, carefully dry the interior of the device with a cloth.
  • Don’t forget to take out the turntable and the wheels and clean them. Because they too pollute and can then cause a bad smell. You can wash the turntable by hand like a normal plate.

Vinegar for disinfection

The third tip for cleaning the microwave is sure to have what you need in your kitchen cupboard: vinegar. You can also use it to quickly clean and disinfect the device and remove any unpleasant odors.

However, the scent left by vinegar is of course not quite as pleasant as that of lemon.

What do you need?

  • 1 tablespoon white household vinegar (15 ml)
  • 1 ½ glass of water (300 ml)

What do you have to do?

  • First you put the white vinegar and the water in a glass bowl. Then you put these in the microwave. Turn it on on high for about 3 minutes.
  • Then proceed exactly as in the previous tip: Simply wipe the inside with a damp cloth as soon as it has cooled down. You can remove the dirt even easier if you put some bicarbonate on the damp cloth.

So, as you can see, natural stove and microwave cleaners aren’t complicated or expensive at all. With a little ingenuity and a few specific ingredients, you can clean these devices up in minutes!

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