Positive Life Changes Through The Life SAVERS

With this method you can start the day successfully in just 6 steps and change your life. Find out more today about the “Miracle Morning” and how you can benefit from it. 

Positive life changes through Life SAVERS

The  Life SAVERS  are exercises that are practiced in the morning to achieve personal and professional success. It is a life philosophy that allows you to achieve various positive changes and better focus on your goals. Find out more about it today!

Positive life changes through Life SAVERS

Today we are talking about a method that Hal Elrod describes in his book  The Miracle Morning  . He explains six steps you can practice every morning to change your life and achieve your goals.

Hal Elrod suffered a serious accident and it was almost a miracle that he not only survived it, but was also able to recover practically in full from the consequences. In the quoted book he speaks of his experience and his philosophy of life. He practices a ritual every morning that he calls Life SAVERS .

The first letters of this method refer to the following exercises:

  1. S (Silence) – silence
  2. A (afirmation) – affirmations
  3. V (visualization) – visualization
  4. E (exercise) – movement
  5. R (reading) – reading
  6. S (scribing) – writing

However, if you spend the time after getting up with unimportant things, such as WhatsApp or emails, you will be distracted from your goals more often during the day.
Positive life changes through Life SAVERS
The Life SAVERS  aim to concentrate on the planned goals at the beginning of the day through reflection and meditation.

Start the day successfully: Life SAVERS

To practice Life SAVERS , you have to get up an hour earlier than usual, every day! You may think this is an unnecessary effort, but the author of this method describes this habit as essential in order to have enough time to:

1. Silence

You spend the first five minutes after waking up  in silence. This can help you reduce stress and anxiety. Use these five minutes to meditate, reflect, focus on your breathing, and set some goals.

2. Affirmation

This involves repeating certain sentences, goals, and intentions that will promote your well-being and validate you. You can make up sentences yourself or use quotes from books or songs that you like.

Repeat them  every day to improve your state of mind and self-esteem. This gives you a lot of strength and energy in the morning to achieve your goals.

3. Visualization

Take five minutes for this exercise as well. Imagine that you have already achieved the goal that you have set yourself. This can sound strange, but if you repeat sentences to yourself that remind you that you can do it and then imagine that you have already achieved your aim, it will be easier for you to actually achieve it.

5. Movement

This will take you at least 20 minutes. Decide for yourself which type of exercise you enjoy. You can use it to activate your body and mind and recharge your batteries.

Aerobic exercises that will perk you up are particularly recommended. But you can also choose other sports. It could be yoga, pilates or running, for example.

Positive life changes through Life SAVERS
20 minutes of exercise in the morning is part of this successful method.

5. Reading

You will also need 20 minutes for this activity. Choose a book that you like, an exciting novel or other texts that interest you. It can also be the newspaper. This will help your mind focus.

6. Writing

You spend the last 20 minutes of this ritual writing. Take notes of things that come to mind, suggestions, ideas, or wishes. You can also keep a personal journal. You need a notebook that you only use for this purpose and you have to write by hand, not on the computer!

Life SAVERS: A very healthy routine for more success

The author and many of his followers assure that this morning routine can change your life in a very positive way. You will learn to look at things from a different perspective and you will be able to achieve your goals more easily.

But only you yourself have your life in hand. So you have to take care of it yourself, because if you don’t practice regularly, the best method doesn’t make sense. You don’t necessarily have to follow this author’s suggestions exactly, and you can develop your own morning routine, but you should stick to it regularly!

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