Premature Gray Hair – What Could Be The Causes?

Traditional Chinese Medicine sees a direct relationship between the hair and the liver. Stress and negative moods can also promote the appearance of gray hair.

Premature gray hair - what could be the causes?

Gray hair is not just an aesthetic problem. If premature graying does occur, it can be a signal from our body that too many toxins are being built up in this area, near the brain.

In this article, we’ll tell you about foods, nutrients, and remedies that can provide preventive care while improving our overall health.

Copper deficiency

A lack of copper can trigger gray hair . For this reason, we should consume foods containing copper on a daily basis. For example, the following are recommended:

  • Nuts and dried fruits
  • oats
  • Whole grain rice
  • legumes
  • Mushrooms
  • cocoa
  • avocado
  • Potatoes
  • seafood

You can also take copper as a dietary supplement; a minimum of three months is recommended.

Excess salt can cause gray hair

A high-salt diet can also promote the early appearance of white hair. We advise avoiding table salt and ready meals as well as chips, cheese and the like.

Table salt is refined and contains only sodium chloride. Better to choose sea salt or Himalayan salt, both of which are rich in minerals.


Liver and bile

According to traditional Chinese medicine, the hair and liver share the same pathway, so if you have hair problems the liver should be monitored. The liver and bile are often overused by our poor diet and negative emotional states, especially anger.

How can liver and bile be cared for?

  • Take a spoonful of olive oil with the juice of half a lemon in the morning before breakfast. Then drink two glasses of lukewarm water, twenty minutes later you can start breakfast. This remedy is very simple, but it is an excellent method of detoxification for our body.
  • Another way to go easy on our liver is to put a warm water bottle on the right side of the ribs at night , because the liver tends to get cold. This method also helps calm you down so you can fall asleep better.
  • According to Chinese medicine, our liver renews itself at dawn. For this reason it is important not to eat very late for dinner and to eat light foods. You can prepare hot or cold vegetable cream soups, pancakes, fish, oven-baked apples, etc. for dinner.

    Oil lemon

    Food against gray hair

    Include the following foods in your eating plan to curb premature gray hair:

    • Parsley juice : Mix this with apple juice to improve the taste.
    • Alfalfa sprouts : You can buy these ready-to-use or prepare yourself by keeping the alfalfa in a container for several days moist, but without excess water.
    • Carrots (raw or cooked).

    Massage against tension

    Did you know that we can also feel tension in our heads? As with muscles, tension can also be felt on our scalp. If we feel the scalp gently, it should move easily.

    However, in most people, the scalp is stiff, which hinders proper blood flow. To prevent this from happening, massage your scalp daily  by dragging your fingers across the skin in a circular motion without rubbing.

    After a few minutes you will feel an improvement in the flexibility of your scalp and even a pleasant feeling of well-being and tickling.

    Hand reflexology

    Another way to prevent premature gray hair is reflex zone massage, where the reflex zone of the hair is located on the fingernails.

    Bring the fingernails of both hands together, leaving the thumb aside, and rub them for a few minutes. If you stop this procedure, you will feel a slight tingling sensation on your nails.

    To achieve a positive effect, you should do this massage every day for several months; in combination with the other tips, you will notice a faster improvement.

    More advice

    • There are also other external influences to consider when gray hair appears prematurely, such as stress or negative emotional states such as sadness. It is important to treat these in the most natural way possible.
    • Conventional shampoos usually have very aggressive ingredients for our scalp and hair. We therefore advise using natural and ecological products and avoiding aggressive and chemical products such as sprays, hair gels, etc.
    • Color your hair naturally, for example with  henna, which not only gives your hair minerals and vitamins, but also strength and vitality.

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