Recycle Tin Cans Creatively

In today’s article we will introduce you to some creative and original ideas on how you can recycle old tin cans.

Recycle tin cans creatively

Tin cans offer you a variety of creative design and decoration options. Recycling of various objects and utensils has now become a worldwide movement that is finding new fans every day.

This change in our consumption and consumption habits is important, as we can all make our contribution to the preservation and protection of our planet. In addition, by recycling you can not only save the earth’s resources, but also your own wallet.

By reusing tin cans, you can design beautiful decorative objects and small pieces of jewelry for the house and garden yourself with very little financial outlay.

Recycling allows you to live out all your creativity, because you can design and create wonderful and very individual decorative pieces yourself with your own hands.

The current situation in the world paired with a lot of ingenuity has led in recent years to the fact that today we see waste or used objects as valuable resources and learn to appreciate them again. All you need is a little joy in design and your creativity.

Today we have selected tin cans or empty beverage cans from among the numerous possibilities, you can find them practically everywhere. Read on and get some creative inspiration on how to recycle them nicely and decoratively.

Uses for tin cans

Tin cans - recycled

Up until now it was quite normal in many households to always choose the simplest solution for household maintenance and decoration . This consisted of throwing away old things and buying new things.

But have you ever considered how much money you throw away every time? For example, tin cans are seen as a valuable raw material by specialist recycling companies and are then used to make new products.

If you separate your garbage at home, then you too can make use of these valuable raw materials and save money in the process!

And if you let your imagination and ingenuity run free, then you can recycle these many unused things and utensils and turn them into something great, for example a new decoration.

All you need is a little imagination to come up with a new use. And of course how you can implement them.

Which colors and shapes do you like best, how can you make them functional and beautiful at the same time? These are questions to ask yourself before you start designing.

There are numerous ideas for reusing tin and tin cans: lamps, flower pots, storage containers for the kitchen and much more. We have selected a few particularly beautiful ones for you from the many options.

Tin cans for storing utensils

Tin cans - drinks

The most obvious and common way you can reuse tin cans is to reuse them as containers for storing utensils. Because only very few work steps are required to implement this variant .

First, you should think about what exactly you want to keep in the can. Of course, this also depends on the size of the jar that you will use for it.

Tin cans are particularly suitable for storage in the kitchen or garage.

You may want a container to store cookies, knives, or other kitchen utensils in. Or you can build yourself a trash can.

When you have decided what purpose you want to use the tin cans for, you simply choose the right size and shape, empty the can and clean it very thoroughly. It should really be completely clean, and you should also completely remove the labels and adhesive that attached them.

You should then check whether the can has any sharp corners or edges that could injure you. If you find such edges, you must first file them down or bend them with a small hammer so that you can no longer cut yourself on them. Make sure the edges are smooth and rounded.

After you have cleaned the tin can and rounded the edges, you can decorate and decorate it according to your personal taste. For example, you can paint them with acrylic or oil paints.

Either you apply the colors with a brush or you use a spray paint to decorate the tin cans. Another possibility would be to embellish the can with strips of fabric or different colored tapes. Select the materials for the decoration based on the intended use of the tin can.

Lamps made from old tin cans

Tin cans - lamp

Another great idea for recycling cans is to make a great lamp out of them. Since the material used has already failed, you don’t have to add a lot of decoration anymore, this homemade lamp achieves its effect almost all by itself.

To make the lamp, you should first think about how exactly it should look. Which style fits in your apartment? When you have decided, you can choose appropriate materials.

Typically, you’ll need a tin can that’s big enough to hold a lightbulb in without it resting on the inside of the can. Otherwise the tray would heat up, which you should definitely avoid. You will also need a thread, a cable, a switch and a little electrical tape.

Depending on your personal taste and preferences, you can now decorate the tin can. For example, you could make different holes that will then distribute the light decoratively. You can also paint your new lamp in your favorite colors or design it exactly how you find it most beautiful.

As you can see, there are practically innumerable ways in which you can recycle and reuse tin cans. Just let your imagination and creativity run free!

Just take a look around and discover new materials and fabrics that you can use to create creative things. The more attentive you are, the more new possibilities and great ideas you will discover very soon.

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