Sinusitis: Prevent And Cure Naturally

In addition to nasal treatment, it is important to avoid foods that cause mucus in the case of sinusitis. These include, for example, milk and refined flour.

Sinusitis: naturally prevent and cure

Sinusitis is the shorter medical term for “sinus infection”. A disease that can torment us especially in winter or autumn: booming to stabbing headaches in the front forehead, nasal congestion, often accompanied by a fever.

There are natural ways to prevent such inflammation and speed healing!

Causes of Sinusitis

A sinusitis can be caused by viruses or bacteria. The paranasal sinuses include the maxillary sinuses, frontal sinuses, ethmoid cells, and the sphenoid sinus. Not all sinuses are always affected.

The sooner you do something about the inflammation, the greater the chance that not all sinuses will become inflamed. Mostly a runny nose is the cause.

The nasal mucous membranes are swollen, nasal breathing is impeded and the sinuses are no longer adequately ventilated. Bacteria that are in the sinuses due to the infection then feel really good and can grow unhindered.

The dry, cold winter air outside and dry heating air inside also promote infection with runny nose viruses, as the mucous membranes dry out and therefore have only a few defenses. So it is important to protect the nasal mucosa in advance !

Nasal douche


If a fever occurs, a doctor should be consulted immediately! Then it is really too late, the inflammation has spread too much and antibiotics are usually the only helpers that can now bring healing.

So make sure that this does not happen and make sure that your nasal mucosa is always fit to fight off harmful viruses and bacteria! During the cold season it is important to keep the nasal mucous membrane moist.

There are seawater nasal sprays and nasal oils that keep your nasal mucosa healthy and resistant. Also preventive nose showers can be used, do not arise or the sniffles only not to have to sinusitis!


If it happened and the cold has moved in with you, you should make sure that it only stays with the cold and that it does not develop into sinusitis. The following tips also support the healing of a sinus infection, if it has come that far.

Always make sure that your nose is clear and that the mucus can drain off. Inhalations with liberating essential oils such as eucalyptus, peppermint or menthol help. You don’t need a special inhaler, a large bowl or a large saucepan to do this.

Fill the container with boiling water, add a few drops of essential oil to the water, hold your head over the pot and assist the inhalation with a towel that you hang over your head and pot.

Caution: Some essential oils can irritate the eyes, so breathe deeply through your nose with your eyes closed! If the above-mentioned essential oils are too strong for you, you can also inhale with very strong chamomile tea. Chamomile has anti-inflammatory properties.


Nasal douche

The use of nasal showers is also very effective . You can get this in the drugstore or pharmacy. They are available made of inexpensive plastic or also made of durable ceramic. The latter have the advantage that they last longer and can be washed very hot, for example in the dishwasher.

You don’t need any special additives for the nasal douche, normal sea salt from your kitchen cupboard is enough! To do this, dissolve a teaspoon of salt in 500ml of warm water. The water should ideally be at body temperature.

Now use the nasal douche the same number of times on each side according to the instructions to make it easier for secretions and mucus to drain off.

Of course, this only works well if you have made your nasal mucous membrane swell beforehand with a menthol-containing or swelling nasal spray or by inhaling.

If you don’t have a nasal douche or don’t want to buy one, you can carefully pull the saline solution up from a beaker into your nostril and then push it out again by snorting vigorously over a sink.

Repeat with each nostril and, regardless of whether it is a nasal douche or a mug, make sure that the water does not run down the throat!

Nasal douche application

Other supporting measures

In order for the mucus to remain flowable, you need to make sure that it is moist enough and that the body has enough fluid available to let the mucus drain off. Drinking a lot is therefore important in any case!

It is also good to rest your head a little higher than usual to sleep so that the mucus can drain off more easily at night. If you have to go outside in the freezing cold, definitely protect your sinuses with a hat and a scarf wrapped around your face!

There are also herbal remedies on the market that help the mucus to drain off and have anti-inflammatory effects.

These include eucalyptus menthol capsules, thyme supplements, gentian root, cowslips, sorrel herb, elderflower and verbena.

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