Slim Hips: With These 7 Tips You Will Get Them

Having slim hips is the desire of almost every woman. They simply belong to a harmoniously shaped figure.

Slim hips: these 7 tips will give you them

Nowadays, slim hips are part of a woman’s ideal of beauty. Of course, wider hips are basically a symbol of pronounced femininity. Nevertheless, most women strive for an ideal body silhouette that is roughly the shape of an hourglass.

However, if the skin on your hips is a little too slack and you also have cellulite or stretch marks on your hips, then you certainly want to optimize this problem area a little.

In today’s article, we’re going to give you 7 tips that will help you get slim hips . Just try them out!

Slim hips: this is how you will get and keep them

slim hips - bacon

If you want to get slim hips, then you should also be aware that it is not that easy to lose weight in a specific part of the body.

Everyone has certain areas of the body where the fat is more stubborn than the rest of the body. The reasons for this lie in our genetic disposition, hormones, your diet and some other individual aspects.

So if you want to have slimmer hips, you have to combine several things:

  • Balanced nutrition
  • Cardiovascular workouts and toning exercises
  • Massage and other techniques to target this area.

1. Massage and peeling with coffee and sea salt

You should do a deep body peeling once a week. It is the first step in getting rid of unwanted fat on certain parts of the body.

This procedure brings you a lot closer to your goal of getting slim hips. With a peeling made from coffee and sea salt, you stimulate cell regeneration and thus reduce cellulite and sagging skin. 

In contrast to the much more sensitive skin on the face, which you should treat with much gentler methods, you can use this deep peeling method on your hips.

  • Use coffee grounds and mix them with sea salt.
  • The caffeine in coffee grounds activates fat burning in your body. This also effectively combats cellulite. At the same time, the sea salt supplies your skin with many valuable minerals.

2. Dry brushing

Brushing your skin dry is a simple lymphatic drainage technique.

  • By using this dry-brushing technique, you stimulate your blood circulation and also support your body in breaking down water retention and toxins. In addition, this application makes your skin very soft and supple.
  • Ideally, you repeat the dry brushing two to three times a week. In this way you can sustainably reduce the size of your hips. At the same time, you will notice that your hips become leaner and overall firmer and better shaped.

3. Oil massages

slender hips - massage

As soon as you start the exfoliating and brushing routine, you should also start regularly moisturizing your skin. This can prevent your skin from drying out.

For example, use a high-quality vegetable oil that you can use to supply your skin with the necessary nutrients. In addition, you will prevent fat from accumulating again and you can also effectively counteract stretch marks.

  • Ideally, you should use almond or coconut oil and mix the oil with a few drops of essential lemon, rosemary, or lavender oil.

4. Cold water applications

If you use hot water while showering, be aware that it is not good for your skin. Over time, the hot shower will make your skin lose its elasticity.

It is better if you shower with cold water or at least let warm and cold water run over your body alternately. This stimulates your blood circulation, which in turn promotes fat loss.

In addition, your skin will tighten again and look plump and fresher overall. You see, cold water is a perfect tool for shedding stubborn fat and getting slim hips back.

5. Running

People who walk instead of using the car whenever the opportunity presents themselves follow a very good health tip. And many of them are not even aware of it.

Regular running is very good for strengthening various areas of the body. It is also a very simple and also very effective means of getting leaner and firmer legs.

6. Cardiovascular exercise

slim hips - running

Any training plan that aims to reduce fat in specific areas of the body also includes a cardiovascular workout. You can choose the one that suits you the most among several exercises:

  • Zumba, classical dancing or belly dancing
  • jogging
  • swim
  • Cycle
  • Treadmill or cross trainer

You should do cardiovascular training at least twice a week if you want to achieve the desired effect.

During the training, you should particularly focus on the region that you want to work on. So if you pay close attention to your hips, you will be able to bring more energy into your hips.

7. Body toning exercises

In addition to fat loss, you should also do exercises that tone your entire body and bring it back into shape.

Strengthen your legs and prevent sagging skin. You can do these exercises practically anywhere using weights or elastic bands. For example, take a Pilates class. Alternatively, you can work out on fitness equipment and use weights.

You should also get into the habit of stretching your muscles before and after each training session. You should pay special attention to your sides, because you want to get slim hips.

Having more flexible side panels will help you get your body into the shape you want. In addition, you will become more flexible and agile overall.

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