Snacks That Don’t Land On Your Hips

As a rule, snacks are either too sweet or too greasy, so they all quickly land on your hips. But there are also alternatives!

Snacks that don't land on your hips

Snacks are actually nothing more than mini meals that quickly exceed the daily calorie requirement. But if you really snack, the small snacks won’t land on your hip. But you should know how!

Snacks are pure luxury

Humans do not need snacks , i.e. no snacks between meals. If you eat three balanced meals regularly throughout the day, you will not be hungry between the three main meals and you will not need any snacks against the “small hunger”.

Strictly speaking , snacks can also be the reason for obesity, because snacks lead to an increase in blood sugar levels, a release of insulin and an interruption in fat burning. In addition, snacks only provide unnecessary calories and usually a lot of fat and sugar.

The healthiest snacks are those that you eat as dessert with or after your main meal, if you factor their calorie or nutrient content into the main meal. We have a few ideas for you which snacks are not only delicious, but also do not end up on your hips when consumed and calculated as dessert in the broadest sense:

Popcorn and other snacks


The name contains what popcorn actually is: up “poppter” corn, the English word for corn. The correct German word would be “Puffmais”, which is rarely used, although the similar word “Puffreis” is used.

Anyone who has already made the delicious snack themselves knows: dried corn kernels burst open in high heat and form the characteristic white flakes, which are then seasoned sweet or salty, depending on the taste.

Always make popcorn yourself, the commercially available popcorn is usually either sweetened with a lot of sugar or with a lot of salt. The corn kernels are sold in stores as “popcorn corn”. This is perfect because its shell is hard enough that the inside of the core with the right moisture content can build up pressure well before the shell bursts.

These are naturally low in fat, high in complex carbohydrates and fiber. 100 grams of popcorn (and that’s a huge bag that you can hardly manage on your own!) Contains only 4g of fat, but 74g of carbohydrates, 13g of fiber and 11g of protein. Therefore, popcorn is in itself a healthy snack that only becomes unhealthy if it is processed further.

Popcorn is only unhealthy if you use too much oil. If you prepare the popcorn in the pot on the stove, the bottom of the pot should only be covered with a thin layer of oil. Keep in mind that the oil will be absorbed by the popcorn and later land on your hips!

Jelly and other healthy snacks


Jello consists primarily of water with usually a lot of sugar and a little gelatine. The packets that are available in stores also contain a lot of chemicals: artificial flavors and chemical colors. Such a jelly does not count as a healthy snack.

So if you want to make a healthy jelly then use fruit juice or fruit juice spritzer. Make sure it is really juice and not nectar.

Since fruit juice also contains a lot of (fruit) sugar, a 1: 1 spritzer with water is a good ratio. Don’t use pineapple juice as it contains enzymes that make gelatin unusable. A small bag of gelatine is usually enough for 500ml of liquid.

Strawberry yogurt and other snacks

Fruit yogurt

You are sure to find fruit yoghurt not only among the snacks on your menu, but also in the fridge. Strawberry yoghurt or other types of “yoghurt with fruit preparation” are delicious, but basically nothing more than a fatty yoghurt with a large portion of jam, which is called “fruit preparation” here. And if you’ve already made jam, you know how much sugar is in it!

With the fruit yogurt as dessert, you can quickly and unnecessarily increase the calories in your meal. That has nothing to do with being healthy either.

There is basically nothing wrong with yoghurt after a meal or for breakfast, but then please do not use cream yoghurt or cheap yoghurt that is “enriched” with gelatine. A low-fat natural yogurt with fresh fruit and without sugar is not only much healthier, but also 10 times tastier. At least!

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