Symptoms Of A Liver Infection

To cleanse the liver it is important to drink plenty of fluids. Natural juices and smoothies that provide vitamins and minerals are recommended. Valuable fiber is also absorbed with these High-fat foods should be avoided.

Symptoms of a liver infection

In today’s post you will find everything you need to know about liver infection to protect your health and that of your loved ones.

Abnormal liver enlargement, or hepatomegaly, is caused by an infection that causes this vital organ to enlarge and show various symptoms. 

How does a liver infection come about ?

The liver carries out vital body functions: it synthesizes vitamins, filters and eliminates harmful substances, regulates fat and amino acids, etc. All these tasks guarantee the correct functioning of the organism and enable a good quality of life.

However, liver disorders can occur for various reasons: Sometimes these can be traced back to viruses or bacteria that lead to a liver infection.

Other triggers can be a poor diet, too much fat or alcohol, too much industrial food or medication.

That is why it is important to take care of the organism and also to know about various symptoms and diseases.

Symptoms of a liver infection

Liver pain

1. Flu-like symptoms

In the first few days of an inflammation of the liver, flu-like symptoms are often felt:  tiredness, low fever, muscle pain, nausea … 

But these symptoms do not improve after a few days, on the contrary, you feel worse and worse.

2. Flat stomach

Because it is inflammation,  it often results in a bloated, hard stomach. Abdominal pain and an uncomfortable feeling of fullness often occur after eating.

Nausea and very slow digestion are also the consequences.

3. Bowel problems

An inflamed liver often changes the color of the stool,  which is more of a whitish color. This usually indicates that the inflammation is caused by a virus.

Doctors point out that the urine is usually a little darker than normal.

4. Bad taste in the mouth

Bad taste in the mouth – bitter or metallic – can also indicate liver problems. The food no longer tastes normal, a strange feeling spreads in the mouth, so that you no longer feel hungry.

It can also cause bad breath, dry mouth, and loss of appetite. These are therefore very typical symptoms of liver inflammation.

5. Pain and discomfort

It not only leads to tiredness but also to annoying pain under the ribs. It feels like you have a hot plate on your stomach. 

This causes you to lose any desire for activity and make you feel tired and sleepy.

6. Skin color

Exercise great caution if the skin or eyes  suddenly turn yellow . This is a symptom of jaundice and a clear indication of a liver disorder that needs immediate medical attention.

What diagnostic options are there?



Don’t worry, most liver problems can be cured with specific treatments. The first thing the doctor usually does is to palpate the abdomen. An abdominal x-ray will then be done to see if the liver is enlarged.

It is also possible for the doctor to perform an ultrasound scan, which, by the way, is painless. Finally, there is the possibility of magnetic resonance, for which a contrast agent must be injected.

As mentioned earlier, there are very good treatment options available to cure liver problems.

Advice if you have a liver infection

Dandelion tea


In addition to the treatment your doctor has prescribed, you can also talk to him about the following natural remedies that may aid your recovery:

  • Consume more fiber and more fluids,  natural juices and vegetable smoothies are recommended. You should also avoid red meat, milk, fat and spicy foods and chemical products.
  • Milk thistle tea This medicinal plant is one of the best liver care products. It heals, removes pollutants, regenerates cells and has anti-inflammatory effects. Incidentally, milk thistle can easily be found in health food stores, both as tea and in tablet form.
  • Green Tea:  You probably already know that green tea has numerous health-promoting properties. It has a digestive, dehydrating, anti-inflammatory effect and is rich in antioxidants. That is why we highly recommend a daily cup of green tea.
  • Dandelion:  This medicinal plant is essential for liver detoxification and for the care of this important organ. Dandelion is like an after-meal balm that takes wonderful care of the liver.

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